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Has anyone taken the GMAT test?

I am going to take the GMAT within the next couple months so I can apply for my Master's Degree.  However, I don't know which books to buy so I can study effectively. If you have taken it, do you have any recommendations on books or advice in general? I appreciate your help!

Re: Has anyone taken the GMAT test?

  • I took it and scored horribly on the math section (amazing I'm an accountant, huh?).  I even studied before I took it.  I guess I'm so far removed from algebra and I hadn't taken it since I think my freshman year of high school, I just couldn't remember anything.  I'm assuming you probably haven't taken those classes in a while, so my advice would be to study the math.  I'm sorry, but I took it a few years ago, so I don't remember what books I used, but I do remember that I ordered them on ebay.

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    I took it a few years ago.  My advice would be to get one of the books that comes with a practice CD (I think most of them do now).  The test is computerized and the CD helps you get used to the format.  I think I had the Kaplan one, maybe, but they are all pretty similar.  Good luck!
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  • I took the Manhattan Gmat class.  It was great!  Actually, I was able to get a 700 (90th percentile) up from when I originally "tested" and score a 590.  I  am actually getting ready to sell my books from the class (taken last summer) and I'd be willing to sell let to you for $50 + shipping.  About half are written in, but you do I believe get the CD and t11 different books that are easily worth 300+ brand new.  I am not trying to sell my stuff, but wanted to offer since I know what its like to be a mom studying for the GMAT.  Not a big deal if you are not interested.  If you are trying to get into a top tier school and actually want to take a class, I would highly recommend Manhattan Gmat.  They really are that much better than Kaplan due to the strength of the instructors, all of who had to score at least in the 99th percentile to interview for the job.

    Edit: I meant to also say PM if interested I can send you the details on the books.

  • I took it a few years ago, and I remember the Princeton Review study book being incredibly helpful.
  • I honestly don't remember which books I used to study, but the pp is right - make sure to study the math! I hadn't done some of that algebra since early high school! Good luck!!
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  • I took the test a few years ago, so I can't remember exactly what did.  But, I know that I did buy a study book from Barnes and Nobles for the GMAT.  I think it was the Princeton Review edition for that year.  But, it's very similar to the SAT in regards to the tips and suggestions they give you.  I can't remember what I scored, but I know it wasn't great, but I got into grad school...I graduate in December!!!  Good Luck!
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