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Anyone with a hubby who works second shift?

DH is going to second shift so that he can stay home with DD during the day when I go back to teaching on Monday. I feel like we are never going to have anytime together as a family or for just the two of us. What do you do to make sure your relationship stays strong?

Re: Anyone with a hubby who works second shift?

  • I used to work second shift while DH worked first. It was really hard on us. We did it for 2.5 years even after DS was born. We just made the best of our time on the weekends and split up chores during the week so we could make the most of the weekends.

     We also made a point to have lunch dates once a week on either my lunch break or his.

  • My DH worked 2nd shift and weekends until DD was 7 mo.  I would take him dinner once or twice a week and eat with him, plus stay up some evenings when he would get off at 9 or 10 so I could see him.  He would come have lunch with me once or twice as well.  We also spent most of our weekends just us.  It wasn't ideal but it worked and saved us money for the first few months.
  • DD doesn't work 2nd shift.. exactly.

    He's a firefighter and he's gone 36 hrs at a time.

    One thing that we did is we schedule a date night every month, and we stick to it. It helps immensely.

  • It is ROUGH.  DH works 3rd shift, really.  6pm - 6am and gets several days off at a time.  I have a varying shift. 2days on 2nd, 3 days on 1st.    There are times we don't barely see each other for a week and that is hard.  We've been texting lately, and I try to call him when he gets off of work.  When I'm able, I cook.  It's not much, but I am trying to show him I care...
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  • I am the one who works overnights.  It's really tough.  I actually get the same amount of time with my DD but with my DH, that's a different story.  Thank goodness I will be done in a month.  We made the most of our weekends together.
  • dh works shift work and it changes weekly and we are never off on the same days.  i am still trying to figure it out!  midnights are the worst!
  • My DH has been working 2nd shift at the same company i work for for a year now... he works 5:30pm to 5:30am.. i get home and he has to leave.. it sucks and i miss him all the time and he calls me every night when he gets to work and at 9pm and i look forward to them calls. when we do get to see each other we try to make the most of it...

    PERKS : you get the whole bed to yourself!!! hehe!! I missed him at first but now i have trouble sleeping when he is in bed lol.. we are both bed hogs..

    right now he is on disability for 8 weeks so we are getting alot of time in!! I hope when its up i can stop working and he can get a normal hour JOB!

    WISHFUL THINKING on my part!!

     Its not for everyone though and i hope i dont have to do this forever! GL and i am sure your relationship will stay strong if not get stronger.. Distance makes the heart grow fonder!!

  • We talk a lot on the phone and do a lot of family things on the weekends.
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