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New high risk ob?

So I had my first prenatal appointment on monday, and I have to say, I hate my OB.  She is rude, and a bit to brash for me.  I understand that I am high risk because I am a type 1 diabetic, but there is no reason to make me feel stupid for being pregnant.  She introduced her self and then said "so you're here for your first prenatal appointment...are you keeping it?"  WHAT?  And when I said yes, she immediately stuck her hand in my crotch.  No..getting to know questions..nothing.  She also informed me that she will induce me.  WHAT?  I'm only 8 weeks...let's see how this baby does first.  I mean...I pushed out an 8lb 13 oz baby in 20 minutes once.  So...she just puts me off. 

I guess my question is..Does anyone know of a good high risk OB who will actually let me ask questions, talk to me, and not make me feel stupid?  Prefferably in the Herndon/Fairfax area?  

 P.s..I wont say her name for fear of her or someone she knows reading this, but if you ask I'll message it to you.  


Re: New high risk ob?

  • I've been going to Dr. Muasher for several years at Anderson Maanavi Musher Yoon and Kinder right by INOVA Fairfax Hospital. All of the OBs took great care of me while I was pregnant, and they always have one of the OBs on rotating hospital duty. Several Nesties here go to that practice & feel the same way... their number is 703-560-1611. They may have you see the midwife on your first visit, Carola Bruflat (sp?) but that's routine for everyone.

    I'm curious to know who the OB was that you saw, because I don't recall getting an internal exam on my first prenatal visit! PM me please :)

  • I went for a consultation last year at Perinatal Associates in Fairfax, VA. I saw Dr. Bronsky (sp?). I had mixed feelings about him - he definitely is very intelligent and knew what he was talking about - you knew you were in good hands due to his medical knowlege. However, he really had no bedside manner. I have heard good things about the other doctors there but I can't say I have seen any of the others. My ob/gyn is my primary doc and if needed I will be seen by Perinatal Assoc. Will go back sometime around 35 weeks for a face to face consult. Dr. B. wrote a great recommendation report for my doc. I have a blood clotting d/o so I am on blood thinners which makes me high risk. Other than that I have had a smooth pg. Hope this helps!
  • You should page Fun2Dream and ask her about who she's seen.  She's type 1 and doesn't put up with that kind of crap from dr's either, I bet she could help you!
  • Hi - I'm also type 1 and have had issues finding a doc who didn't want to induce at 36 or 38 weeks.  I've found one I love - he's not high risk, though.  His name is Dr. Tchabo and he's in Arlington at VA Hospital Center.  The high risk guy I love is Dr. Ghidini at Alexandria.  I prefer seeing them only for the "high risk appointments" - 20 weeks, then all the NSTs, etc, at the end.  I like having a regular OB for my regular appointments. 

    Dr. Tchabo wants to induce at my due date, which is much later than most of the other docs I've talked to.  Dr. Ghidini agrees.  He's (Dr. G) in a practice with 2 other docs - Dr. Poggi and Spong.  I've never met Spong and don't really care for Poggi, but unfortunately you don't get to schedule with a particular doc. You just get whoever you get.

    If you don't want to be induced, I recommend not going to INOVA Fairfax - they have a high intervention and extremely high C Section rate.  Dr. Tchabo is a natural birth god in the area, and I would highly recommend you check him out, even if it's a long drive for you.  You can page me here or send me a PM if you want to chat more about it.


  • Fun2Dream I really want to talk to you more.  :)  I'm down right furious with the idea of being induced. 

  do I PM someone?  LOL.

  • Actually, I have no idea.  Just email me (I check that more anyway) jennit812 (at) gmail :)  Looking forward to hearing from you!
  • I go to Perenatal and Assoc. in FX.  I agree about Dr. Bronsky, except he and I have the same dry sense of humor.  I can see where someone else might be put off by this.  I see them for full coverage and the other two are very good and have warmer bed-side manners.  The only thing that is a draw back is that I am never taken at my appt. time.  There are people constantly going in and out, so its not like people are just standing around.  Honestly, it does not bother me- the baby business seems very unpredicable, esp the high risk ones.  My husband, however, is impatient by nature and is very turned off by it.
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