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What to ask/look for at daycares?

I am helping my sister look for care for her children (7, 4 and 12months). She has been a stay at home mom for 4 years but recently became a single mom and is needing to go back to work. She found a job (!!! YAY!!!) and now needs care.

I have volunteered to go visit places with her next week. Since she is a single mom and money is tight - home daycare is probably the route she will need to take. As a teacher myself I think home daycares have some great opportunities for children and are wonderful learning experiences for the kids.

So - what questions should we ask when we visit? What specific things should we look for? I am a very forgetful person so I kind of want to make a little chart or checklist to bring into each place so I can remember things I see and take notes. I think then when we are sitting down and discussing the best place it will help us having those sheets as guides.

Any help or suggestions would be great. THANKS! Big Smile

Re: What to ask/look for at daycares?

  • I would recommend google-ing a list of questions to ask - there are some great ones out there.  I wouldn't have thought to ask some of the questions.  I did find however that most of the centers we toured covered most of the questions I had.  I printed a set of questions each time I went to visit a place so I could make notes for each place.  Good luck! 
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