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~*~*~SIF Weekly Check In ~*~*~

Good Morning Ladies!

HUGE congrats to Briebert and RRHsMom on their BFP's!!  A very happy and heathy 9 months to both of you and your Little Peanuts!!

Since we have a lot of  Ladies on the board now doing IVF/FET I have deided to add ..

IVF/FET CHECK to the check in

Good luck to Eyenerd who starts her Lupron tomorrow for her FET.  Hang in there Girl.  We are all pulling for you!! 

Big time BFP dust to SeptGirl05 who had her FET last Monday!

LABOR WATCH.  Mr$Mrs - 37w2d and Baby is still cooking. We all hope everything is going well!  Throw an update our way when you have a chance!

FRAN WATCH.  27w6d.  Another week down Hon!!  Well done!!  You are doing an awesome job!

To all the Ladies cycling or in the 2ww - best of luck!  We need to keep this run going so tons of positive thoughts and prayers coming your way!

It's so wonderful yet sad at the same time to see our board grow with all the new posters.  I hope this board and the posters on it can make your SIF journey a little less lonely.  Lurkers are always welcome to post here.

As always, everyone is welcome to post their updates here.  If you want to be added or removed please let me know.



















Mrs Teejer





























Congratulations to our recent BFP's!!









mrsnemitz  EDD 3/2/2010 

Hawaiibidegrm EDD 02/12/10





eyerlande EDD 1/17 


LisaK2B EDD 1/6


Home_slice EDD 12/25 Christmas baby!! 



Firsttogo   EDD 11/26 Thanksgiving Day!

NewportRI2005 - TEAM PINK!!


Tonya_G   EDD 11/24 Officially TEAM PINK


jacksonville2  EDD 11/4 It's a BOY

Francisca EDD 10/25 IT'S TWINS!!  BOY and Girl!!

jen5/03 - It's TWINS!!

Tracigator  EDD 10/22


Adelepenguin  EDD 10/17  It's a GIRL!

Shawmich  It's a BOY!!

Mr&MrsS  EDD 8/19  It's a BOY!

Kim777 -  IT'S TWIN BOYS!!


QOTD - Let's talk about what makes us wierd and wonderful creatures!  What are some of your quirks?  Things you do that make DH raise an eyebrow ( or two ) but like the well trained man he is, doesn't say too much about it :)

Re: ~*~*~SIF Weekly Check In ~*~*~

  • My update - CD 2 over here.  I go for b/w and u/s tomorrow.  I am praying for normal looking ovaries at this point so we can cycle this month.

    QOTD - I am just a little this side of full blown OCD about some things. Like the bed.  Once it's made no one much touch it let alone actually get ON it.  DS likes to mess with me like that :) Oh and I wash my feet constantly in the summer.  I hate what I lovingly refer to as Flip Flop Foot.  You know, where after you have been outside in flip flops your feet feel all grimy and dusty and there is always something stuck to the bottom and between your toes.  DH just laughs but I am sure the thinks I am crazy.

    Have a great weekend Ladies!!

  • Hello Ladies!!

    My update- I am just hanging in there. I am 1cm diliated and my OB said she thinks I will go before my due date. But honestly, you never know!! I am ready to meet him though, so I hope he decides to come soon!

    QOTD- I have this wierd thing that shoes ALWAYS need to be put away. The whole house can be a mess, but if shoes are in the middle of the floor it drives me nuts. Last night DH left his shoes in the middle of the living room and it bothered me until I picked them up and put them away. But there were blocks spilled all over the floor that didnt bother me, and I left there until this morning. I have a lot of quirks, I am sure I will think of some more!

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  • My update: still pg! I really have nothing new to report today... my 10 week OB appt is on Monday morning.

    QOTD: Hmmm... I guess one of my big quirks is that when I pump gas, the amount that I pay has to end in a 0 or a 5. I'm also very particular about how the dishwasher gets loaded. I guess those aren't too bad, right? :)

  • LuckyHLuckyH member

    Good morning!  I'm in the 2ww.  My beta is next Wednesday, although I might need to reschedule because DD will have tubes put in her ears that morning. 

    I have too many quirks to name.  One is that I wash my hands constantly and won't use things like Purell.  To me, Purell kills the bugs, but they're still there.  Is it better to have dead bugs on your hands or no bugs?  I'm a structural engineer, so I feel funny when lines aren't straight and things aren't orderly.  The kitchen must be spotless after every meal.  No dishes on the countertops and all crumbs wiped away.  I hate making the bed and won't do it.  DH has to do it every morning.  My poor DH has to put up with all this and doesn't say a word.  I love that man.

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  • My update - CD 10.  I've been o'ing on CD 22, so will start to use OPKs probably in about a week or so.  We only have a two more cycles before my OB wants us to try Clomid, but that scares me. 

    QOTD - I cannot stand a messy kitchen.  I have to clean everything and get the dishes/pots/pans cleaned and put away after bfast, lunch and dinner.  It really annoys me when there's stuff in the sink and crumbs on the counter.  I also loathe vacuuming (sp?).  DH is the only one that does it bc I just won't.  Also - I LOVE doing laundry.  There's just something about freshly laundered clothing that makes me smile.  Weird I know. :)

  • CHI-06CHI-06 member

    I had my last u/s at RE this week, exit consult next week and first OB appt scheduled now for the following week.  trying to decide when I am going to tell people...debating telling my mom today but for some reason I'm scared to!  feeling constantly hungry too!  and a lot fo foods just aren't appealing to me!

    qotd:  I also have a number I have to end with when pumping gas!  For me it's 6... but I have to use 6 in other things too...like when I use the microwave...it's never 1min even.... 1min 6sec ;)  I know...I'm weird!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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  • I'm on CD 45 and no sign of AF and I don't have an appointment with RE until Aug 27th. Maybe I'll make it to CD 71! My personal record is 93. We shall see! (can you tell I'm discouraged)

    QOTW: I probably have so many and my husband would be making lists for weeks on here but the only one I can really think of is that I must MUST load the TP "away from user" (as per instructions on most industrial TP holders!) so it comes out underneath.

    Next week we should get to say about DH's quirks so that we can all vent for a while LOL
  • Great check in again Josi!  Thanks so much for the shout out!

    Yes, i start shooting up (well it is more like a little poke in my belly) with the lupron.  I was fortunate before not to have bad effects from it, but i think each experience is different.  I have a hysteroscopy this weds.  Hopefully that will go smoothly as well.

    Good luck Sept!!!  

    Mr&Mrs S:  it is soooo exciting that the little guy is almost here!  I was in your same shoes last year at this time and i have such fond memories of having my daughter.  I hope you have a fast and painless labor!

    Fran:  Keep cooking, Keep cooking.  It is so great that they have been cooking this long!!!

    I don't have any quirks.  LOL.  My DH can give a list a mile long.  I will have to think of one and be back! 


  • Update:  I did my first round of clomid this cycle and today I go in to have my progesterone checked.  I didn't have this done the last time I took clomid with a different doctor.  Do you get results back right away?  Anyway I am not too hopeful about this cycle.  My temps aren't real great, they are just above my baseline.  Maybe I am wrong to assume that they will be a full point higher like they were with DS.  We will see.

    QOTD:  I think everything about me is weird and I can't come up with one thing at the moment to narrow it down.  He will just laugh to himself and say, "You are such a Queenbone"  when I do things.

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  • Awesome check-in - I love how organized it is!  Congrats to the BFPs this week!

    Update - In the 2ww after my FET - obviously no symtoms at this point except probably from the progesterone (although I'm lucky I didn't have to do the PIO this time around)! 

    QOTD - Hmmm. . . have to think about this one since I have a few - I also hate when random shoes are left around the house, especially since DD wants to chew on them now - ick!  Also, I absolutely love wrapping presents - birthday, christmas, whatever - it's fun for me.  : )

  • Update - nothing yet! Getting a little more excited about trying again after our vacation. As of now my fertile time will be the week after we get home so we should be nice and relaxed!

    QOTD: I am quite the quirky one. I only eat things in 2's - like M&M's etc. Two at a time and only colors that are the same or coordinate in some way. I am also OCD about the house being kept up. No dishes ever left out overnight. DD gets some of that from me - I see her in her room sometimes lining up her baby dolls in a line!

  • My update: Crazy
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  • TTC UPDATE: still in 2ww, 8dpiui. Beta was on Monday; they originally told me although Monday is a holiday here, they are open and they scheduled me. Now they called to tell me they are in fact closed, so Beta moved to Tuesday.

     QOTD: Hmm, weird and wonderful?  I'm a crier. I am easily moved to tears, and even more so with stress/anxiety. DH is soooo NOT a crier, so he has a hard time dealing with it sometimes. He has come to understand, and puts up with me:o)

  • Update:  I haven't been on much in the last month or so, since taking a break with TTC (with help).  Well today I finally made an appt with another RE to get a second opinion, just so I can get piece of mind.  I am so excited because the IF center that we will be going to is giving a free seminar in 2 weeks and if you go they give you a coupon for $200 off your consultation.  I hope my DH can get off work a little early to go with me.  I'll let you all know how that goes in a few weeks.

    QOTD:  I have a couple of the same quirks as the ones already posted...like the only eating things in 2's and having the price of gas end in a 5 or 0.  I also like to double check to make sure the front door is locked before leaving.  If I lock it and then get into the car I will go back and make sure it is.  I know I am weird.

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  • They upped my mag to the max and it just made me vomit everywhere today.  I am hoping tomorrow they will lower it.  I'm hanging in there... we are 28 wks tomorrow... big ole milestone!
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  • Update:  I got my bfp a week ago (thanks for the congrats at the top) and have an ob appt scheduled for the 11th for an u/s.  I am so excited and nervous as well.  I will feel so much better after I see my doc.

    QOTW:  I had to ask DH but he said it is the fact that I will blurt out totally random comments out of the blue.  They are usually things I have been thinking about while he is at work but they are quite random usually and he ends up laughing at me before answering or commenting.  I wish my quirk was something clean but that is definitely my DH.  He is the neat nick of the 2 of us.   

  • Update: Went camping this week... camping while pregnant... well, lets just say I'm glad I'm not any further along. I'm pretty sore right now and sleeping was rough! Slept like a rock last night when I got home to my own bed! Lily seemed to enjoy it though- even enjoyed going canoeing and getting capsized in a (very, very) small rapid! And Aiden had a great time camping and canoeing and being outdoors.

    QOTW: My quirks... are mostly laundry related, strangely. My clothing in my closet must be hung in color order (but I don't bother about DH and DS's... Lily's will probably wind up in color order though!). Hangers- white, only white, and I can't stand the wire ones! Towels must be folded in just the right way (it optimizes space in the linen closet, I have a method to my madness!). That's pretty much the limit to my OCD tendencies... I'm not a neat freak, so if the house is a bit messy (like it is right now- I had just enough energy to pack for camping, but not to clean up before we left!), it doesn't wig me out.

  • I'm late with my check in but I took the last Femara pill today and bought my OPK's yesterday while at the store. So now I wait.


    QOTD- I'm a freak and have a ton of quirks. When I worked at McD's the sauces had to be perfectly lined up and straight, if they werent and I was busy I would keep thinking about them until I re-organized them lol

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