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Hooray! I Oed on day 19

I cannot believe it, I cannot ever remember Oing before cd30 in about a year.  My cycles have been getting shorted and shorter but the LPN has also gotten to short, under 10 days.  I am PRAYING this is a positive sign that this could be our lucky cycle. 
And after my breakdown last night (My EDD is next month) I am hoping this is a positive sign. :) Sorry just wanted to share.
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Re: Hooray! I Oed on day 19

  • That is really AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
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  • hooray!!! I O'ed on CD19 too (today), hoping this is our cycle!!!
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  • Nothing to be sorry for Hon!!  It's fabulous news!  Here's hoping it means good things to come.
  • That is great news! I hope this is also a positive sign for things to come!!
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