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I'm watching Maddie rolling/sitting/scooting all over her crib on the monitor and it is so funny. Instead of laying herself down gently (which I've seen her do, so I know she can), she just leans to the side until she topples over. Good thing those bumpers are on, lol!

I think I would get more done if I didn't have a video monitor!  It's addicting.

<img width=300 src="">

This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

[img];42;3/st/20080808/n/Madeline Grace/k/755d/age.png[/img]
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Re: lol

  • thats too funny...hopefully she wil just crash soon and u can get stuff done.
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  • Hehe... I was just checking out my sleeping beauty too... perpendicular to the crib rails, on her tummy w/ her knees up under her and butt in the air. hehe

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  • Cute! 

    Kira found a t-shirt DH must have left next to the crib and she put it over her head around her face and was looking through it.  She's now playing with it in front of her.  She still hasn't fallen asleep, darn it...the one day DH is coming home early too. :)

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