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How old was DC when you left them for a weekend?

I apologize in advance that this is so long! But, how old was your DC when you left them for a weekend for the first time? If you haven't left them overnight yet, what do you think is a good age?

The reason I ask is that my grandma's 80th birthday is next weekend and all the "girls" in my family are going to the beach to celebrate (Fri-Sun). I really want to go because it will be fun to spend time with family I don't see that often and to make some special memories with my Grandma while she is still around.

But at the same time, the thought of leaving Jack overnight (much less for 3 days) about kills me. I would leave him with DH and I know he would be in great hands, but I would miss him and I feel guilty for even thinking about leaving him. My DH says to go - that it would be good for me to get some "me time", but I really think he just wants some daddy-son time.

Also, I'm nursing him and I worry that him feeding from a bottle exclusively for 3 days would affect his breastfeeding. Could this be an issue?

What would you do? TIA for any input!

Re: How old was DC when you left them for a weekend?

  • We didn't leave Camryn until she was almost 13 months old for the weekend with my parents.

    I think I'd be pretty hesitant too with him being so young.  If it was one night, then that might be o.k., but with you bf'ing, I'd be nervous.  Does your DS take a bottle fine? 

    What about taking your DS with you?  Is that an option? 

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  • I left Nate with DH for 3 nights when he was 11.5 months old.  I didn't want to, but I had to travel for work.  A few weeks after that, we left him for 1 night with my parents.  That's been it so far.

    I think when Nate was that age, it would have been really hard for me to leave DS.  It was hard for me to leave him for a couple of hours at that time!  LOL  But I think it's just your call.  This weekend sounds like a fun, special time.  If you will regret missing it, then youshould go.  Or maybe go for a day or 1 night at least.

    I don't think not nursing would be much of a problem, but I would hate doing all that pumping, personally.

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  • DH & I plan to leave DS with my mom for 2 nights in Sept. for our anny. I will leave bottles & pump while we are away. He will be 4 mo old then. I know it will be hard but our families all live so far away (my parents are in NV and his are in Spain) that we decided to take the time off together while we can get it!
  • imageWendyNC:

    What about taking your DS with you?  Is that an option? 

    Ditto. All those ladies would probably eat up a baby around! And how special for your g-ma to have a great grandchild around. I could not have left J for that long at that age (I'm still not sure I'm ready!).  And I'd be worried about the bottle/breast issue too. And pumping for 3 days - YUCK!

    I hope you find a good solution to the situation! 

  • I couldn't have left Natalie at that time (even if she took a bottle) -- I had planned to go to a wedding and leave her with my sister but I just couldn't emotionally do it.  I still have not been away from Natalie overnight although I will be in September for a work trip.
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  • Thanks for the responses. You all pretty much confirmed my feelings. I don't think I'm quite ready to be away from him for that long while he is still so little. I just didn't know if I was being irrational/overprotective in thinking no one can take care of Jack quite like Mommy. Smile

    This is supposed to be a "kids free" weekend, but I think they would understand if I had to bring Jack since he is still so small.

  • Since they are saying its a kids free weekend I'd just throw it out there that unfortunately Jack is too young and You worry about him with teh bottle for that long and that you either have to sit it out or bring Jack along that way u sorta give them the choice...though with him being so young I can't see it being an issue. I went scrapbooking in January with a bunch of ladies on a kids free weekend that my MIL hosted and Jack joined me cuz I couldn't be away from him for that long. Good Luck and I hope they are all open to him joining!!
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  • It sounds like you've made a decision already, but I have to agree.  I couldn't have done it that early fact, I still haven't.  (I'd be more than willing to go for 1 night now though, LOL.)  If nothing else, you can argue that the first three months are the 4th trimester and he's really still part of you, literally attached to you for so much of the day.  I would think everyone would love seeing him too.  I hope you can work it out, and have fun! :)
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