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NSIFR: Crazy name idea...

Just b/c I know you girls won't flame me I figure I might as well share...

DH is so cute.  We have had our names for quite a while and Rachel was pretty much decided years ago.  But last night he very seriously came up with the name: Eilonwy (pronounced Eee-Lun-We).

Okay I am the first to veto names that are too out there but he was so cute how he made the suggestion.  He shared with me the wiki link and showed me this description of a character he read in a book as a child:

Eilonwy is described having long red-gold hair, bright blue eyes, and a melodic, youthful voice. Far from being just another stereotypical damsel-in-distress princess, who needs the hero to save her, she is hot-tempered, stubborn and resolute.

That is just how both of us picture our little girl for some wierd reason.  I know the name is silly and maybe it is the drugs I'm on right now... but part of me is thinking "why not".  I've gone through my whole life with an odd name Wink I dunno... totally crazy?
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Re: NSIFR: Crazy name idea...

  • Wow! That is "out there" but the description is cute. And very cute of DH, might I add. Hmmm... what would her nickname be, b/c IMO she would need one;) Maybe Loni?

  • The name is out there.  Is there another version of the name you can come up with that will remind you guys of the name?  The description is awesome.

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  • Hmm I dunno.. I think though since you have called her Rachel since you found out there was a girl wouldn't it feel a little odd to change it? What about using that new name as a middle name?
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    How cute of your DH!  I have to tell you that she'll have to explain her name to everyone she meets.  Is there an alternate spelling or shortened version of the name?  I do love her description though.  It's very sweet.

    My DD was supposed to be a Lily.  When she was born, we knew it didn't fit her and spent the next 2 days coming up with a name.  DH wanted to name her Murron.  I mulled it over and told him to come up with a similar sounding spelling and we would go with it.  That's why she's Maren.  I still have to explain to people that it's like Karen with an "M".  No, it's not Marion, Mary or Marianne.  I feel bad for giving her this burden for the rest of her life. LOL :)

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  • Honestly, I like the middle name idea! She is a Rachel to all of us... for months now! LOL! (Like we matter, lol!) But, that way she won't have the strangeness of explaining her name to everyone, but she still has it in her name. (Did that make any sense whatsoever?)
  • I think it is a great idea.  Rachel could transition into her middle name.
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  • It actually flows well as a middle name with Rachel as the first name!
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