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Houston.. we are GO for launch...

My MIA AF showed up this morning!!  Woot Freaking Woot!!

CD 3 b/w and u/s on Saturday morning.  I am praying my ovaries are good to go for  another cycle. 

~*~*~  Josi doing the Happy Jig all through this post ~*~*~*~

Re: Houston.. we are GO for launch...

  • YAY!! I'm praying things go well this cycle!
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  • Yay!! Best of luck this cycle!!!
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    woo hoo!  Finally hun?  ;)  Best of luck on this cycle!!!
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  • YAY, that is great!!! Good luck with your bw and everything to come this cycle!!!
  • That is great!!!!!  I am so happy that AF came to visit again, hopefully her stay will be short so you can move on with business!!!  I hope the ovaries are good and you are ready to go!!!!
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  • Hooray!  Glad that things are back on track after the cycle from hell!  Come on, ovaries...
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  • Yay!!! You see I told her to go visit you next, must have listened! :P hope this is your lucky cycle!
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  • Good luck. I hope you have a "textbook" cycle!
  • Doing my Happy Dance for ya!!!!


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  • Great news Josi!!
  • Good luck!
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