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Marleysmom, Carmela & Karla - re: HTN meds

I thought I would start a new post since the last one is pretty far down the list now. 

Thanks for all of your input.  I double checked and my diltaizem dose was 120mg once daily.  I was only on it for about 5-6 weeks before we switched.  I was still running about 140's / high 90's.   Maybe I didn't give it enough time??

I think my dr has stayed away from ARBs b/c she knows we are wanting to do IVF towards the end of this year.  (of course I/we weren't anticipating having such a hard time finding a HTN med)  She only put me on the Lisinopril at my request.  That was earlier this year and we thought if I could control my HTN with it while making some lifestyle changes (ie loosing weight) that maybe we would be able to get rid of meds all together before IVF time rolled around.

Not sure why we haven't tried a Beta Blocker yet.  I might talk to my doc about trying one instead of the Lasix.  Maybe I'm making a bigger deal out of the Lasix than I should be.  I just don't like taking meds at all (took me a year to agree to the HTN meds) and I hate the idea of adding to what I'm taking.  The healthcare worker side of me tells me to take the damn meds,  the other half of me gags just thinking about taking them.  aarrggg!

Tricia - I've never had a renal workup.  I have had a couple echos (one stress and one not) as well as worn an event monitor for a month two different times.  I've also had a full cardiac workup in the ER - complete with chest x-ray.  The only thing any of those tests turned up was the PAC thing (that was on the second event monitor).  And in the ER, I was tachy (never got under 110 even when sleeping) and hypertensive (180's /110's).  I had put myself on the monitor prior to going to ER and found several runs of PAC's, but only had the occasional PAC in the ER.  This was why I finally agreed to HTN meds.  I'm overweight and have a family history of HTN & cardiac disease so I think we've all just assumed that the HTN is from a combination of too much weight and bad genes.  I don't know that anyone has even thought about it being renal.  I've never had any issues with edema (or other renal stuff) prior to being on the Procardia.  I'm working on the weight thing but I'm stuck with the bad genes.  We (DH & I and our doc) were hoping that HTN meds for a bit would help with weight loss and then I could get off of them all together.  I agree with the Lasix and my job thing too.  I think that might be one of my hold-ups with taking it.  I can just see me working a cardiac arrest and peeing my pants in the process! Surprise

Sorry this was so long, but thanks again for all of your thoughts.  I really appreciate it.  I think I'm going to make an appt to see my doc again and talk some of this over with her and make a few changes. 

Re: Marleysmom, Carmela & Karla - re: HTN meds

  • There are higher doses of cardizem out there. Maybe bumping it up would have helped, who knows.

    I would probably ask about a renal workup, just since renal issues can be such a big cause of HTN. (Although it sounds like you definitely have a cardiac component too.) Even doing a 24 hour urine collection could be helpful, and renal ultrasound is noninvasive/easy to do.

    Have you had thyroid labs done?

    You could always wear a leg bag at work, hehe. ;)

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