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AMAZING Dr. Visit. LOVE Jeffers and Mann.

I have to post this because very rarely does a doctor truly listen and take the time to show you that it's YOUR child, that matters, not the "standards", "office policy", "academy", etc. thinks of it.

Like I have posted before, Keira had a terrible experience with her 2 month shots. She screamed for 6 hours straight and that is not exaggerated. It was terrible. I felt aweful. 1 nurse told me it was normal. The other one said to go to the ER and it was not normal. (We didn't. Next morning she was fine.) 

Anyway, I was nervous about today seeing as her 4 month shots were just a repeat of the 2 month shots. I saw Dr. Overcash, and let me just tell you now, I LOVE him. He asked how Keira did with her 2 month shots and I went over what happened. He seemed truly concerned and listened to everything I had to say, not acting at all like I was nuts.  Turns out I'm NOT nuts. 1 in 1000 babies has reactions like Keira to the whopping cough portion of the DTaP vaccine. He said he was worried to give it to her again, and that he did not want to put her though that or risk anything. He is modifying the shot and taking out that portion and explained everything in details to me. He said to make sure the nurses paid attention too so they didn't just stick her with the standard shot they give. He also pulled out the literature behind the vaccine and side effects of each part of the vaccine and went over everything in detail making sure nothing was left that was not discussed.

I am SO impressed. So many doctors beat the drum of vaccinations no matter what. I am all for them--to some extent. (We don't do Rotavirus either since she is not in daycare and I see no need for it.)  Perfect example of how my baby had a bad reaction and the doctor thought it too risky to give it to her again. This is exactly what I expect out of my baby's doctor, but how often are  you truly happy with the standard of care you recieve? Today I was proven that I am at the right place and my baby is in GREAT hands. :)

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Re: AMAZING Dr. Visit. LOVE Jeffers and Mann.

  • That is fantastic!  Well, not that she had such a reaction, but for the care that your doctor is giving you.  I am so happy that you have found a doctor like that.  I will definitely be keeping this in mind in case we end up moving back to Raleigh.  Although, one of the reasons I'm hoping we DON'T end up moving back is because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kids pediatrician down here.  In fact I just told DH yesterday as we were leaving J's well visit that I wasn't sure we could keep looking for jobs in Raleigh because I wasn't sure I could handle leaving their doctor and having to find another one.  Your post gives me the confidence to keep looking for jobs in Raleigh and feel confident that we could find another good pedi.

    Thanks for posting and I hope her reaction to the shots wasn't as bad today! 

  • Thanks for the info. I also go there and the only one was spaced what the HepB, but I am thinking the next go round we may space a few, all though Jocelyn hasn't had a reaction. I really like that practice as well.

    What did they say about Keira and the rice cereal, are you feeding it to her yet? Jocelyn for sure is sleeping better, at least until 6am or later every morning now!! Straight through the night from 7:00pm!!




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  • I love Dr. Overcash!  He saw Emily in the hospital and we really, really liked him.  He said he used to be at the Wake Forest office but he's now in Clayton (I think?).  I'm trying to decide how to go about E's 4 month visit.  She also had a reaction to her round of shots and since she's not in daycare or has other extenuating circumstances, I really want to space them out a little more. 

    I'm so glad you had a good appointment.  Emily's 2 month was ok, but the aftermath was terrible.  

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  • Dr. Overcash was one of my pediatricians growing up (back then, the practice was Overcash, Auman and Anderson... Auman & Anderson went to White Oak and I guess Overcash went to J&M).  He is a great pediatrician.

     I think it's awesome that your doctor was so helpful and kind of sad that an experience like that is considered out of the norm for doctors these days.  I've been really tenacious about sticking with doctors that I love, which is why we see Dr. Anderson (my old pediatrician) and I've been going to the same GP for 15 years.  Excellent care should be the norm and if anyone isn't getting it, they should definitely shop around!

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