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OU- how we coming?

Has the clomid going?

What day are day are you on, I think were close together this month I am on cd8 and taking 2 femara a day...

Alot of recent BFP posts on 12-24 hoping ours come next! :)

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Re: OU- how we coming?

  • oooooh-wouldn't that be cool?  I'm on day 11.  I haven't had a positive opk yet but, don't expect that until tomorrow or Saturday.  Thanks for asking.

    How are things going with you?  Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!!!


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  • Its trucking along. I O next week on cd 17 usually.

    We were supposed to go out of town on vacation but I dont know if we will be able to now due to work so that stinks!


    ***Blake (1) and Ashlyn (3) ** [IMG]http://i56.tinypic.com/25zt1d1.jpg[/IMG]
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