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First OT Appointment

After a long wait, we finally had our first appointment with our OT today.  We spent a lot of time talking about Zach's sensory seeking behaviors and needs, and she had some great suggestions for a sensory diet for him.  Our next few weeks and months are going to be filled with jumping, swinging, wrestling, and lugging things around.  She did comment that from reading the IFSP she was unsure why she was here since they only reported minor delays in gross and fine motor skills and nothing really sensory (I'm really going to try to get over how upset I am with the county evaluation, since the therapists are actually addressing his needs).  She also gave us some good suggestions on how to manage other behaviors and to redirect him from some of his inappropriate behaviors. 

She did comment that we have been doing great on our own managing his behaviors, that he has some really strong skills, and that his behaviors are on the relatively mild side when compared to others she works with.  Now I need to go out to buy milk in plastic jugs so that we can fill them with water for him, and then a Thomas backpack to fill for him to lug around.

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Re: First OT Appointment

  • would you mind sharing some of the ideas she had? Sylvie's had one session with her OT thus far, but the only suggestion she had was a backpack to help her with her unsteadiness and help her feel more "anchored"... thanks!!
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  • Happy to share.  Zach craves sensory input, so she suggested:
    • a backpack for him as well;
    • placing filled jugs around the house and tasking him with carrying them around to certain places;
    • allowing him to spin in his Ikea egg spinny chair;
    • using a sheet to pull him around the house;
    • creating a hammock with a sheet (with DH's assistance) and swinging him in it;
    • having him help put heavy, wet laundry in the dryer;
    • swinging him upside down by his ankles or hips;
    • sitting him on the couch and leaning my body weight against him;
    • using a blanket to create a human burrito and rolling him around; and
    • creating a sandwich using cushions, with him as the filling
    Zachary, 8.31.2007 * * * Adam, 3.24.2010<BR>

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