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Providence St. Joseph Burbank vs. Glendale Adventist Hospital

I posted this on the local nest board, but maybe you have more input:

Does anyone have any experience with those hospitals? If you were to choose where to deliver, which one would you choose?  We live close to both of them. TIA

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Re: Providence St. Joseph Burbank vs. Glendale Adventist Hospital

  • We are delivering at St Joseph in Burbank!  I've had a few friends deliver there and said the experience was amazing.  We just had our hospital tour a few weeks ago and found it to be incredibly informative.  They recently remodeled their Maternity Wing and it is modern + beautiful.  There are about 10 L + D suites and they are all lovely.  The beds have 26 different positions to get mommy-to-be comfortable!  All rooms contain a private bath with a shower.  The maternity recovery rooms (where you'll be about 1-2 hrs after delivery) are all private and have private bathrooms w/showers.  There are about 32 private recovery rooms othe 4th floor of the Maternity Wing.  When we were touring, there were four newborns in the nursery and every one of them had a nurse holding it and caring for it.  It was comforting to see.  the safety is beyond safe.  There are monitor bracelets placed on baby, mommy and daddy and if baby goes beyond a certain line, an alarm sounds.  My vote is for St Joseph!  You can take a tour for free.  Register with their Baby Wise program - you can get info online.  :)
  • Can either of you recommend your OB in the Burbank Area? I would like to deliver at St. Joseph's as I did with my first child. Beautiful hospital.
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  • My Dh works in the medical field and said that if you can go Glendale Memorial. If not probably Glendale Adventist.


  • I posted on the other board..but here it is:

    I delivered at St. Joes, and loved the hospital and nurses..the only thing that I didn't like was being separated from my daughter for a whole 3 HOURS after my I was considering switching to Glendale this time because I heard they have mom and baby recover together...well, I called St. Joes and they've recently changed their policy and allow mom and baby to recover together I did not switch...the nurse just said to make sure and ask for this...

    you may not need a C, but in case you end up with one, you will know to ask to have your baby be returned to you asap so you can recover in the same room .

    ? OB is Dr. Pearson :)?

    Proud mom to DD Born Oct. 26, 2007, and DS Sept. 2, 2009
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