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Something parculiar from my appt.

I was thinking about this last night - initally I blew it off because it was like "whatever - just write the stupid referral in the computer" but then I gave it some more thought...

Yesterday after the OB told me to go to the RE, she basically BEGGED me to come back to HER SPECIFICALLY when I did get pregnant. She kept saying, "you're going to come back to _ME_ when you get pregnant right? Remember my name, Dr. B!tchweed. I'm really great with pregnant women." and so on and so forth...LORDY LORD!!

Anyway, the funniest part is (that I didn't mention to her because I didn't want to impeed on my referral or insurance) - I will be going with a midwife and having a home birth so no I won't be going back to her or anyone associated with my insurance (THANK GOD!).

Re: Something parculiar from my appt.

  • AND it would help if I didn't type phonetically : "peculiar "!!!! LOL"
  • Lol is someone a little desperate for patients? Maybe someone should tell her if she treats her patients well word will get around and she wouldnt need to BEG us poor IF women to come back when we succeed. (And only when we succeed) The nerve of the silly doctor. 
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  • Yeah she is a real gem!  That is so cool you did a home birth... I whine when I get a hang nail.  Chicks like you are amazing!
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