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Introducing myself...

Hi Everyone,

I had no idea such a board like this existed until I scrolled through everything else besides my local (NJ) board. Anyway I have a 2 year old and we've been trying since last November for #2, had m/c in January at 9 weeks (results of genetic testing were inconclusive) and have been continuing to try ever since (February) without any success. I have been hesitant to share my life on a message board, but I think this would be a good place to try and get some advice. 

My OB said to call at the end of the summer if I was not pregnant and he'd get me in to do some tests/make DH do a sperm test, etc.  Did anyone skip this and see a specialist instead? I turned 30 this year...not sure if age matters or not.  I got pregnant immediately with my 1st so this infertility thing is all new to me. :o(

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Re: Introducing myself...

  • Just wanted to say hello!  Your situation is similar to mine.  I also just found this board but am so glad i did. I hope we can all get some answers and BFPs soon!
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  • Welcome to the board!  I am sorry for your loss.

    Usually what happens is you go through your OB first.  In most cases unless you are noticing an issue like no O or something your OB will make you try on your own first.  On average a couple with no fertility issues can take up to a year to get pg which is why they make you wait.  Weed out the couples who just needed a little longer to do it naturally vs the people with legitimate issues.

    I wouldn't advise for you to got to a specialist at this point.  It could be a waste of your money and time.  Your OB can do the preliminary tests and procedures if it comes to that and you can even prescribe you a course of treatment that is a whole lot less invasive and expensive than what you would get at the RE.

    I know how hard and frustrating it is to have to wait and try on your own but please don't borrow trouble.  You didn't have issues conceiving your first.  Although every single miscarriage is heartbreaking - I know I have had one-  they are unfortuntely very common and not necessarily indicative of IF.  You are still pretty early in the game here Hon. 

    Good luck.  I hope you get your BFP soon.

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  • Hi and welcome - sorry you had to be here!  For us, we had trouble with conceiving our first as well but I always had wacky cycles so we started testing with my ob/gyn first.  Once it was determined I had pcos she had us try for about 6 months then we went to an RE (when my DH got tested as well).  My ob/gyn actually wanted DH to have a SA earlier but he didn't really want to until we went to the RE.  GL!!
  • Hello

    Welcome to our board and sorry for your loss. I skipped the OB and went straight to the RE but had some testing done with my family doctor first. I am also in Canada so things here are a little different. good luck and welcome again. 

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  • I second what Josi is saying. Typically a respectable RE wouldn't even agree to see you until this November (1 year of trying) and/or 3 or more losses of pregnancy. As frustrating as it is try too stay calm and logical. Also realize that your insurance may cover most of what the OB will test and with the RE it may cover nothing at all. We have fantastic insurance but when it comes to the RE I'm out of pocket $200 everytime they even draw blood. It's a very expensive path to take if you don't really have to take it.
  • First off I would like to welcome you here.  I hope whatever trouble you are having isn't serious.  I went through my OB first and I was glad I did.  He figured out a lot of what was going on... he took those test results to my RE and he was able to put it all together.

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