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Might be new here: LPD

Not sure if I should be posing here or not? We haven't "technically" starting trying yet, but here is what's going on:

We are going to start trying in Sept-Oct, so I have started to track my cycle and just this month have started to do ov tests. My cycle prior to Lily was 28 days and I ov'd around day 14. This time around my cycles have ranged from 21-26 days, and this month I finally got a positive ov test on day 20 and just 7 days later (today) I got my period.

I don't really know what to do. My sister had a LPD that they finally figured out after she had a m/c in February. She had been trying since August and finally after Progesterone and Clomid got a BFP in June. She said it took a while for her LP to lengthen. She is suggesting I call my OB right away if I want to TTC in Sept-Oct and have them test my levels.

Is there any possible way this is just random and won't happen again?

Very excited to be doing it all again...
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Re: Might be new here: LPD

  • image ShanaNChris:

    Is there any possible way this is just random and won't happen again?

    Sure, it could absolutely be a random thing.  Can anyone say with any certainlty that it will or won't happen again?  No.

    To figure out if it is on fact random or not you would need to continue tracking your cycles for a few months.  If you notice a trend then I would go to your OB and say something.  If you had to call him up right now he would probably tell you to do the same thing.  It could be random and if he would even test you now which I doubt, you could be wasting your time. 

    GL, I hope it was just a fluke.

  • I wouldn't worry until you have 5 or 6 consecutive cycles of that. Could just be a random thing. Every cycle is different.
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  • Once you have a baby your body is often out of whack for around a year to two years so it is likely this is a random thing.  Have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility?  That book is awesome and lets you know how to track your cycles and see if something big really is up.  GL!  Feel free to ask any questions here Smile
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