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f/u to being tired post

I called my PCP today since I have been utterly exhausted for the past few days.  I mentioned it might be my thyroid out of whack again so they fit me in right away for today.  She took 3 vials of blood and is gonna check for thyroid, anemia, and vitamin B deficiency.  She'll let me know Wed. or Thurs. and depending on the findings we'll take it from there.  Unrelated I mentioned that I've been feeling ringing in my right ear starting from last week and dizzy and some vertigo.  She looked in my ears and said she couldn't even see either eardrum b/c the wax was so impacted :(  So I have to put eardrops in over the next few days and go back and see her later this week to go over everything.  She said from the cold I had gotten over after vacation, the fluid drained into my ears and clogged them.  Lovely. 
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Re: f/u to being tired post

  • aw - you poor thing!  I hope the drops do the trick and that the dr. can get you some answers.
  • I hope your results give you some answers Sweety.  BTW, I had the compacted earwax thing once.  My doc used a crapload of saline and sucked it all out with this metal contraption. Looked likea big syringe. It was one of the strangest things I have even felt in my life. :)  I hope the drops work so you don't have to be vaccumed :)
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    Stuffy ears are the worst.  I hope you feel better soon and get some answers.
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  • On the plus side atleast they aren't scraping it out with a little hoopy pick thing, it hurts! Feel better soon though.
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  • I'm glad you are getting good answers Smile  I am the type who suffers w/o visiting my doc and by than I have this advanced sinus infection or something else.  Keep us updated.  If it is your thyroid who knows but that could be what is putting you out of whack.
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