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Squirting Nipples?

So a friend of mine just told me that once you can have sex again and you have an orgasm that milk will squirt out of your nipples. Is this true or is she just pulling my leg? I can only imagine what that experience would be like if I wasn't expecting it...

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    Umm...no.  I'm pretty sure DH would FREAK out if that ever happened. 

  • Definitely didn't happen to me. Although I did hear a story about a stripper that would squirt her clients without them asking for it.

    Man I am easily distracted!

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    It is possible.

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  • i dont know but thanks for the warning! lol
  • it can happen. The same hormone that causes your milk to let down is the same hormone that your body releases when you orgasm.
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  • I've heard of some leaking but not squirting.
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  • I've heard that some leak, but not like pressure washer squirting.  Doesn't happen to me though.
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  • I've definitely never squirted, but in the last stages of my pregnancy, and definitely once my milk came it, I would occasionally get a little "leaky" post-sex.
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