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Ordered my FET Meds today:)

And it was only $350.  I feel like i won the lottery!!!!!(Compared to the nearly 3K spent on the fresh IVF)

That money was worth every penny and then some......so i hope this is too! 

I used the pharmacy that my clinic recommends.  They were actually $125 cheaper than my Rx plan pharmacy (most fertility meds are not covered).

They will be shipped to my DHs office on Thurs....Can't believe the lupron starts sunday....i am finally doing something:) 

Re: Ordered my FET Meds today:)

  • Yay - it feels good to get the ball rolling, huh?

    What is your protocol?  For my FET all I had to take was estrogen and crinone/progesterone - no lupron - I was kind of surprised, it seemed too easy this time around compared to last time!

  • Good luck to you and please keep me informed.
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  • Wow! So great! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  • So exciting Hon!  I hope it continues to be this easy right through to your BFP and beyond!!
  • Yay, congrats and good luck in the upcoming weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • LuckyHLuckyH member
    Yay!  I'm so happy you get to move forward.  Good luck!
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  • Yay for cheaper!! Good luck and Keep us posted. :)
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  • CHI-06CHI-06 member

    Woo hoo!  I know FET is so much cheaper...and EASIER than fresh IVF!!!

    Congrats on getting started... hope the Lupron goes well!  I hate Lupron!

    Good luck! :)

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  • That is just soooo exciting!  How many snow babies do you have?  Are you going to transfer one or two this time?
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  • I have 3 snowbabies left.  We are planning on doing a single transfer because i had preterm labor with my singleton at 34 wks, so as much as i would love twins, the thought of carrying them spooks me out.

    That being said, if one looks like it isn't thawing so well, i may thaw another and put them both in.

    If the single doesn't work and i still have 2 left, i will probably do 2 the next time because one isn't as good looking as the others.

  • Oh man, those are tough calls.  I hope they thaw well and it just goes perfectly!!!! 
    Mom to Harmon 1/17/08 and twins Rachel & Callum 8/28/09 Photobucket 29o0v13.jpg
  • Yay - how exciting!!  Wishing you lost of luck - keep us posted!!
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