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Sears Portrait or JC Penney for prof pics?

I have coupons for both and I am trying to decide where to go.  I have been threatening to have pics of DS done for AGES.

Any recs?  Raves?  Rants?


Re: Sears Portrait or JC Penney for prof pics?

  • We have a new penney's near us, and we LOVE them. I use them every time. I bought their portrait club thing for like 30 bucks, and now we have unlimited free sitting for as many as we want for a year. Usually it is like 10.00 a person just to sit for pics. They also have 3.99 sheets, so we are cheap, and order a bunch of 8x10s and scan then shutterfly them! (SHHHHHH)
  • I have done both before. They are very similar. I personally liked the JC Penney people a little better because they were more professional and took more time getting more pictures of DS. At Sears they got a couple of good ones but really only took the time to take about 6 or 7 photos and then said we were all done, so I didnt have as many to choose from. And the people there were not professional at all (but that could have been due to the location of where Sears is compared to JC Penney...the JCP is in a much nicer town than the Sears is). But one thing I liked about Sears was that you can go online and they have the pictures out there and you can save them down to your computer to put on Facebook and things like that, JCP doesnt have them online. (I know you are not SUPPOSED to do that, but I do!!)

    One thing I will suggest is if you can go during the week I would do that. Both places tend to get packed on the weekends and they dont take as much time with you. I think when I scheduled DS pictures at JCP the time slot was only for 10 minutes. How can you get good pictures of a 1 year old in 10 minutes?!?! You need more time than that! And since they dont get as busy on the weekdays they spend more time with you getting those good shots.

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  • Penny's is much cheaper.  Join the portrait club and bring your coupons.  It makes it reasonable.  The quality of both is comparable though.  The biggest trick is DO NOT go on a weekend day.  We normally take our pics at say 4 o'clock on a Tues or Wed.  This gives us the run of the place and the photographers are much more patient w/ya!
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  • Never used Sears. We have always gone to JCPenney for DDs pics and loved them. For her 1st birthday though we are trying Portrait Innovations as they will do "smash cake" photos.
  • I prefer JCP because of the 3.99 sheets.  Otherwise Sears is you have to buy so many at 7.99 then you get cheaper sheets. 
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  • Penney's on a weekday it is then!  Thanks Ladies!
  • I have only used sears...but had the same dilemma.  I think i chose sears because they had a better time that worked for me.

    The next thing i knew, i was a super card member and i do go more often now because there is no sitting fee and on mon-fri it is BOGO free sheets.

    I think a lot depends on the photographer and how creative you are.  And to go on a WEEKDAY!

    Good luck with JCP.  I am thinking about switching now because of all the reviews:)


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