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Fish Oil drops?

My DS is 25 mnths old and is having some speech delays. I found out that Fish Oil helps in speaking. Any one gives their child fish oil?? Do you get drops?? coz I am really concerned that  how will I make him swallow fish oil gels? Any help is really appreciated.



Re: Fish Oil drops?

  • I break the capsules and put the oil into his sippy. ?I worry that a lot of the oil sticks to the side of the cup so I am not sure how much he ends up getting. ?I usually add more liquid and shake it up again and let him drink one more glass full from the cup before washing. ?It works but hopefully someone else will have a better idea!
  • We use Barleans Omega Burst (fruit chews), both kids like them.  For awhile DS took lemon flavored cod liver oil, he was fine with it.  But it would get on clothes and ruin them so I switched to the chews.
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  • We use Nordic Naturals, liquid form. I just pout 1/2 tspn into DD's yogurt in the morning. It has a strawberry flavor and DD doesn't mind it a bit!
  • I buy a fruit juice from trader joes that has fish oil in it.  it is a carrot juice with other fruit juices and the twins love it (i like it too).
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