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I have been thinking about you all week. I want to tell you this story because even though it seems like you are moving ahead and going strong I loved it so much I thought you would too!

 A quick background for you is we have a place locally called the "friendship Circle" The first one started here around the block from me and since then tons have opened in other states and countries becuase it is the most amazing place ever. The concept was to pair special needs teens with typical teens so literally there is a fake town inside the facility with duplicates of actual local stores and banks and library and these kids get to take money out of the bank and learn how to live in society. that was all I had ever known about the place and that tons of people in town volunteer there it's all volunteer based.. Anyway someone invited me there and Iw as hesitant but am so glad I went. Basically the upstairs of the place is not the lifetown project it is all these sensory rooms, fine motor, gross motor tactile etc, my son has THE BEST TIME.  but they also have this volunteer program for teens and they match them with a kid (my son) and they do programs at the facilty or one hour they can do a week in your home. I asked them to do the one hour there cause Nash loves it and I don't get to really let him enjoy each room always because my 1 yr old is a terror and keeps me running :)

soooo that's the background here is where you come in, so I got my volunteer this week we met her on Thursday and she's this adorable 12 yr old girl .But not only is she adorable lookswise, within 30 seconds of meeting her I was just super impressed. She got down on one knee and started talking to Nash and trying to mingle with him etc before knowing anything about him. I later went to join them and she tells me she just got back from 2 weeks at sleepaway leadership camp, but shes this beautiful , softspoken but eloquent girl. Not what I would say is the steriotypical student council leadership girl. I literally was texting my other frienship circle friend during the meeting saying im so impressed with this girl, what an old soul. she was funny and sweet and totally got it. Totally got how to engage with this kid and she was 12!!!

 So I'm walking out of the facility when we were done and was excited of course for next weeks playtime with her.. Her mother stops me and says,,, I just want to tell you, when she was 2 she was diagnosed with apraxia unoffically and offically at 2.5 when they were offically allowed to dx her. I didn't know she was behind until the neighbor moved in and he was younger and was chatty chatty. She said that by this time her daughter was frustrated because she couldn't say what she wanted to say.. She then went on to say that she was in speech therapy 3 days a week for 6 yrs... I know that sounds like FOREVER especially to a mom like me who has already been in it for over a yr and I still have a baby !! but my reason for sharing this with y ou was I was just in awe over this girl, and to think that she h ad any type of challange ever was a huge shock. Her mom was like I just want to tell you to be hopeful because these kids get it and do great in the end.  The little girl pipes in that she still emails with her old speech therapist :)

 See apraxia chmaxia  :)!

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  • oh dar! thanks for thinking of me and what a GREAT story to hear! :) thank you! thank you!

    hope you had a great weekend.

     stay in touch! :)

    Sisterly love--Sophia (1/14/07) and Baby Margaux (7/13/10) image Doctor in training! :)image
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