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Echogenic Intracardiac Focus

Hey there ladies- Just seeing if you had experience with this...?  They found one during our 20 wk u/s ... going back next week for another u/s to see if it's still there.   

I guess I'm curious if your LO ever had one..?  And if so, did it result in anything serious?  I know they said it could be a soft marker for Downs but they told us not to worry about that since they didn't see any other indications for DS.  I'm wondering if it could mean something may be wrong with her little heart.  

 Any experience that you can share is much appreciated... TIA. 

Re: Echogenic Intracardiac Focus

  • Out of all the problems my baby has, the intracardiac focus is the least of them.

    My regular dr. and OB told me that it's really common in a lot of babies and will go away on it's own by 3rd tri or sometime in the years after birth.

    He said unless the cardiac foci is abnormally large or there's heartbeat issue, it's not a concern for heart problems whatsoever.

    Dr. told me that u/s are just getting more sensitive so they pick up on these things. Millions of babies have probably had these and know one was really the wiser at the time.

  • Thanks dairygirl19... It's good to know that there may be nothing to worry about.  
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  • I meant to add earlier that my OB and specialist no longer consider an EIF a risk factor for DS. He said so many babies have them and research has proven that the majority don't have DS..and even those that do have DS...the heart spot is rarely the only warning sign.
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