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Is this safe?

Ok, this may make me sounds like a terrible mommy, but I'm going to ask anyway.

DD sleeps in her crib until 5 am, but then she is ready to be up for the day.  I am not since she's still up about 5 times each night.  The last 2 mornings I have brought her to bed with me.  I'm questioning if it is safe because we have a memory foam mattress.

She can't roll yet, but even if she could I don't think she would be able to in the bed.  She sinks down into the foam and stays nicely on her back.  She's slep there 3 times including a nap and she has never rolled in either direction.  Even if she were to roll for the 1st time, I don't think she could do it there because she's in a little Annie shaped hole.  She is able to easily lift her head during tummy time.

DH flipped because we have always been so adamant that she can't sleep with us because of our mattress.  I have analyzed it while laying there and I honestly feel like she is safe.  So far, I haven't been able to go back to sleep, but it is nice to stay in my bed for another hour.

I know the rules of cosleeping say no pillow top mattresses and I'm guessing this is basically the same.  Should I stop?

Re: Is this safe?

  • Hm.  I don't know enough about these mattresses to really comment.

    It's too bad your baby is too big for a moses basket or little snuggle nest/cosleeper thing.   hmmmmmmmmm.

    Do you have a spare room with a regular bed?  Maybe you could switch mattresses for a while?  Or perhaps you and DD can just go in there at 5 am for another hour of sleep.  

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  • I would like to keep her in her crib for the majority of the night because we all sleep better when she's in another room, but it would be nice if she could just come in for an hr or 2 in the morning. 

  • We got rid of our memory foam topper (it wasn't a whole mattress, just a topper) for this very reason.  I was way too nervous having him in bed with us.
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  • Our mattress is half memory foam, half coils (coils on the bottom, the top is about 7" of foam) and it's been great for co-sleeping. It's not so soft that DD sinks down in it, but it sounds like yours might be really soft. You don't want baby to be on anything they can sink down into before they are fully capable of getting themselves out.
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