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Baby book suggestions?

I'm a lurker but could use your help. My nephew was born a few weeks ago with a genetic condition which will most likely result in delayed milestones.  I would like to get them a baby book (my sister-in-law definitely wants one) but I don't want to get one which would constantly highlight what he's not doing or what he's supposed to be doing.  Would any of you ladies have any suggestions for a good baby book for a baby/child with delays?  Do they make such a thing?  Thanks for any and all information!


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Re: Baby book suggestions?

  • I have no idea about books for delayed babies, but I have a link to a place that has awarded baby books as being the best (10 a yr) you could maybe look through the lists and maybe seach them on google/amazon to see a description and see if you think it's a good one.

    also, you could go to the local library and talk to someone who works in the children's section, they might have some ideas. I am sure not all libraries are as nice is the one I have near by, but the children's section is large and off to the side and they have the baby books right out front near comfy sofa so you can read to teh baby and you can check them out too.

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  • I did not end up getting this for my daughter but it looked really good to me.

     I got a "typical" baby book for her while I was on bedrest before she was born and I couldn't bear to crack the pages as milestones started to slip by.

    I have actually kept a blog since she turned one that are things I would picture myself putting in a "book" if I had one.  Maybe this would be a good alternative for  your nephew.

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  • My son is delayed and I have kept a regular baby book. I still like to keep track of milestones, they may be quite late but I am more proud of them. I found the newborn story and photos the hardest. It was a traumatic emergency C/S and his first photos he's all swollen and covered with tubes. But I wrote the truth as hard as it was, he'll appreciate it later I'm sure. The HARDEST part to fillout was "What were your first thougts when I was born" Reality was "cry baby, just cry, & I hope he lives" but I wrote how happy I was.
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