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Bathrobe for hospital bag?

Hi ladies!  My birthing teacher suggested we just bring a bathrobe to the hospital to wear over our johnny.  She said not to bother with clothes.  Just wondering what you guys brought to the hospital, and if I should invest in a bathrobe? :)
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Re: Bathrobe for hospital bag?

  • I lived in a pair of huge lounge pants, a light weight bathrobe and my nursing bra when I was in the hospital
  • I think I wore a lightweight robe on the last day I was there, just to keep warm in the bed or walk down the hall. I had a c-section (and epidural before that) so I didn't need a robe for walking during labor.
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  • I didn't bring a bathrobe, I did bring some yoga pants and tshirts as well as slippers. By the 2nd day I was in yoga pants and my tshirt.
  • Ditto skdlrm! ?I wore my robe a lot, because I was normally in yoga pants and a nursing tank. ?It was nice to have something to pull on when I was chilly or had people coming into my room.

    Check Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc. ?They always have inexpensive robes, and that way it won't matter if it gets, um, dirty. ?Or full of blood, whatever. ?;)?

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  • I got a light weight shorter robe for home after delivery, but I didn't bring it to the hospital. 
  • I don't think I would have liked a bathrobe. I think I would have bled on it too much.. (you have pads, but if you put an ice pack over the pad, it sort of defeats the purpose of a pad) I mostly just wore nursing tanks and yoga pants (black). 
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  • Thanks ladies; you are always so helpful!
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  • I used my bathrobe a lot for both of my babies.  When I labored with my DD, I walked those halls for hours all night long.  That would have been really uncomfortable in a hospital gown, 1/2 of which are missing the little ties and snaps, etc.

    With DS, who was a scheduled c-section, I still used it as long as I was wearing the gowns.  Those things are just awful, and at least the bathrobe felt like "home" and not "hospital" and I didn't feel like I was sitting there 1/2 exposed when visitors came.  The first couple of nights after a baby are really rough--you'll probably be cold one minute and have night sweats the next, so it is nice to have something you can just pull on and off.

    Just don't be afraid to get it dirty.  You'll bleed a lot, so don't spend a lot of $$ on one that you will be afraid to stain.

  • I used the hospital gown the first night (when the bleeding was the worst and they were constantly checking things) then I moved to maternity yoga pants and a comfy shirt w/a zip-up sweatshirt.  It was def. nice putting "clothes" back on. 
  • I bought one on clearance at Target for like $7. I definitely recommend investing in one! Someone else on SAL recommended it, and I am so glad I listened. I did not want even my yoga or pj pants on the first day, everything was just so swollen, sore and tender down there! I wore the hospital nursing gowns and my robe until I got ready to go home the last day. It was just so much more comfortable and I didn't have to worry about ruining any of my stuff!

     I have a good friend who had a c-section, and she did the same thing too, because she said the pants sat too close to her staples.


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  • I wore my nursing tank under the hospital gown until day 2. After that I wore yoga pants and my nursing tank. But I also don't like robes at all and have never owned one.
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  • I brought a robe and didn't wear it at all. DD was born at 2 am and at 10 am I changed into yoga pants and a nursing tank and wore some variation of that the rest of the time. I didn't get any blood on my own clothes and did not want to be wearing a hospital gown the whole time.
  • I brought one and I was glad I did. I got a short cotton one at Sears, very inexpensive. It was nice to just throw on over the hospital gown when I was walking the halls. And I did a lot of walking the halls, before and after he was born! I didn't put on any regular clothes until we left. I had a c-section and the gown was more comfy, plus they are always checking something.
  • I bought a bathrobe and wore it once for like 2 minutes.  I mostly wore the hospital gowns and put a second one on as a bathrobe.  After the 2nd night I wore a nursing nightgown of my own. 
  • I brought one but didn't use it.  I just wore the hospital gown and they gave me a light hospital robe too.  I was way too bloody for my own stuff until day 3 probably.
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