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Ob/Gyn in Morris county area?

If someone could recommend a female obgyn in the morris county area I'd very much appreciate it!  I'm 7 weeks and my normal obgyn just stopped taking my insurance!! 

Thanks in advance!!!



Re: Ob/Gyn in Morris county area?

  • I go to Dr. Bissinger in Parsippany.  The office is on Cherry Hill Road, right of Route 46.

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  • Dr. Bissinger is a male- but has a female partner, Dr. Flores who is also wonderful. I go to that practice, too.

    Dr. Dawn Goldstein used to be with them- and is now down the hall in her own practice- i loved her, too... but stayed with Bissinger for this pregnancy because I saw him more with my last one.

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  • I go to Physicians for Women on Ratzer Road in Wayne. It is a big practice, with about 6 doctors who could possibly deliver, but I have met with each one of them and I feel comfortable with them all (others more than some, obviously).  Dr. Mazzone is my primary from there, she is great. I have been going to her since I was 13!  Also, Sharon is amazing.. I know a lot of people who go to her. Unfortunately, you will run the risk of one of the male doctors being on call the day you deliver and it doesn't sound like you want a male
  • dr. judy banks and dr. andria pennant on columbia turnpike in florham park. :)
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  • Mine is Dr. Michael Kuchera in Morristown. He has been my doc for 12 yrs. & now I'm pregnant w/ 1st baby. I LOVE him & his practice!
  • Another patient of Dr Bissinger....and Dr Goldstein when she worked with him.  They are both wonderful.  They are on Cherry Hill Rd in Parsippany (off 46) and work out of Morristown Hosp.
  • imagesusiem901:
    Mine is Dr. Michael Kuchera in Morristown. He has been my doc for 12 yrs. & now I'm pregnant w/ 1st baby. I LOVE him & his practice!
      This is actually the practice I go to (I transferred from another ob in the area after a bd experience last year) and they have a female partner as well.  Her name is Dr. Sarah Potash and she is truly wonderful.  She is very into the whole educational aspect of her job.  Normally, I prefer male doctors but I had her for my first appt. and she spent 1/2 hour with me just going over questions and talking to me.  Additionally, at my 10 wk appt the male dr. had difficultly finding the heartbeat and she really stepped in and was adamant that we keep trying.  I'll probably pick her or Dr. Mike as my delivery doctors.  Their phn # is 973-605-5090 
  • Dr Iammatteo, In Morristown- I think he's wonderful!
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  • Veronica Daly
  • Not sure if I'm posting this too late, but I love Central Jersey Women's Health in Bernardsville. Dr. Judith Hersch!
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  • Dr. Lublin Springfield
  • Dr. Dawn Goldstein Rt. 46 Parsippany, NJ. Love her!
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