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Has anyone delivered at Bethesda Naval Hospital?

Hello everyone! Has anyone in the area delivered at Bethesda? and if so did they have a good experience and did they like it or not? I am due in August and I would like to have a natural birth (without medication), but I didn't know if the staff were very supportive there with that type of method. I don't really have a choice of where I can deliver, since my husband and I are military, have Tricare insurance, and Tricare really only allows you the option of medical care at military facilities. Just let me know about any suggestions and your experience. Also, I was wondering is there anyone that knows of like a military mom group or just military wives that get together. I am a stay at home wife/mommy-to-be and I was just looking for soome people to hang out with or connect with. Thanks everyone! :0)

Re: Has anyone delivered at Bethesda Naval Hospital?

  • my sister-in-law delivered there (via emergency c-section, so i have no idea how they handle unmedicated births) and she had a really, really good experience. my brother happened to be stuck in North Carolina, so my mom and I were with her the whole time and she seemed to get really good care and attention.

    hopefully, someone else can give you more helpful information!

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  • Eeclem- My hubby is military too and I delivered at Bethesda.  I too wanted to try natural and the staff is VERY supportive of this.  The nurses there are great!  I didn't end up going natural due to needing a c-section because of the shape of my pelvis.  I ended up having complications during my c-section with my heart.  The doctors were very quick and professional dealing with the situation.  Overall my experience at the hospital was great and I highly recommend the hospital.  The private rooms are well worth it as well! As for mom's groups for the military there was on meet up but it wasn't very active.  I wish there were!  I believe there are mom's groups on each base but I never can make them since I work during the day. 
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  • Thanks for the info! I appreciate it! :0) I see we are due around the same time! Very Cool! Congrats and Good Luck!
  • I delivered at NNMC in October and had a natural birth there. I took the Bradley Method to prepare myself and when I got to Bethesda to deliver I was pleasantly suprised at how supportive it was. The nice thing about military hospitals is they don't get paid per epidural like some hospitals staff does so I felt it was less pushed and more suggested. When I let them know I wanted to try it naturally they rearranged for a nurse who was familiar with Bradley to be with me and I managed to have a midwife there! They don't have too many on staff anymore (with deployments and all) but the one I had was great. They also have a squat bar (you can google if you aren't sure what I mean) which was a lifesaver for my delivery. They have birting balls too.

    Like pp said, the private rooms are fantastic and my post partum care was amzing. I could have stayed for days! They also have a pull out couch for DH to sleep on and the rooms are quite large so there is plenty of space for visitors. PM me if you need any more info! :-) HTH

  • mstavish79-Thank you so much for the information! That's nice to know the staff is supportive of being natural. I'm sorry that you had complications-it looks like your baby is healthy though and everything is good!! Thanks again!
  • Hi there!  I too will deliver at Bethesda.  I am really pleased with the care I've gotten so far.  We are actually attached to Ft. Belvoir so I had to ask for an exception and I'm so glad I did. 

    I was wondering about a NOVA Military Mommy group too.  Have you heard from anyone about that?

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  • I've heard lots of good things about NNMC, but we live in Alexandria and I thought it might be hard to get there when the time comes. I've opted so far to go to Andrews AFB. I've heard it's good too.

    Maybe we all can get a military mom group going? 

  • I delivered my son there 5.5 years ago.  It was truely the best experiance ever!  They even allowed me to stay in the hospital an extra day because my son had to.  He had pretty bad jaundice.  :)  I'm really scared about having this next one at a normal hospital. 
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