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Nanny Share or day care help?

Wondering if any other soon-to-be moms or new moms are interested in sharing a Nanny-share. I am due in September and looking for day care options beginning in January 2010. I live in Dorchester MA and am local to Quincy, Milton, Dorchester, Boston

I am looking into Nanny-shares and day cares, and even looking into leaving my job to do day care out of my home.

If I were to do day care, I can only afford to pay about $200 per week, and would need 3-4 days of day care.

Any thoughts? Does anyone know of a good local day care? Does anyone have interest in combining efforts and doing a Nanny-share? I could host at my home.


Re: Nanny Share or day care help?

  • I'm interested in sharing a nanny, but don't know much about the prices per week. I'd also like 3-4 days of care. I live North of Boston, but drive into Boston each day for work.
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