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3d/4d ultrasound

Anyone have any recommendations or a place they were happy or even unhappy with (so I know not to go there)?  I live in the Glendale area and would like to go anywhere from here on east towards Pomona.  I don't want to go into Hollywood/Burbank on West.


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Re: 3d/4d ultrasound

  • There are two places in Glendale and I have been to both and I was happy with both!



    I will say that the ultrasound tech at the first place was a little more talkative and outgoing, which made for a better experience, but the other one was nice too. ?They both have several techs, so you won't know who you will get, anyways.?

    image Liam Henry: 9/5/09 Emmeline Claire: 5/23/11
  • At Sono/4d be sure to mention the "Bump" to receive a cool discount!
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