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How soon is too soon for a baby shower??

My friend wants to throw me a baby shower.  My baby is due Feb 1 so figuring out when to have a baby shower has been difficult.  She wants to do it mid November when I am 28/29 weeks.  December is a hard month to do one since obviously there's Christmas but we also (in my immediate family) have 3 Birthdays and our Anniversary.  January I think is too close to my due date.  So, what do you think??  Is 28/29 weeks too early for a baby shower??  (This is my last baby and my friend wants to do a big hoopla since I never had a baby shower with my first two.)
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Re: How soon is too soon for a baby shower??

  • I don't think its too soon for a baby shower, however I think people have an expectation of seeing you and your huge belly at your shower, but thats not the end of the world. I am already huge at 26 weeks so it wouldn't make a difference for me LOL.  
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  • I think for my first shower I'm going to be 29/30 weeks and the second shower I'll be 32 weeks so I really dont think 28/29 is too early.  Plus this will give you time to see what you get and then still will have to purchase yourself or at least that's my thinking/plan!
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  • Sure, I think mid-November is fine.  I would avoid December also mostly because of the holidays.  A lot of people will be too busy with other events, like Christmas parties and traveling and you might get a low turn-out.  January is too late.  I would do it right before or right after Thanksgiving.
  • I'm having my first shower at 25 weeks.

    I didn't particularly want it that early, but it was pretty much my only option for a shower in my hometown, which is 12 hours away from where I currently live. We had to schedule it around several other events, and since I'll already be in town anyway, it worked out perfectly. I really didn't want to make another trip later in my pregnancy!

    I think 28/29 weeks is fine, particularly considering the holiday season.

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  • I think that fine to have your baby shower at 28/29 weeks. Just think that will give you plenty of time to set up the nursery with the new stuff and have plenty of time to exchange things too.
  • I don't think that is too soon, but I wouldn't go much earlier than that.
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  • I am having my shower at 29 weeks, it was one of the only times that I could get all of the family together. Summer has been tough to plan since everyone is taking vacations.  I already have a good size bump and hope that by having it earlier I can enjoy it a bit more than I would have later on.
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  • I had my ONLY shower at 29w and soo glad I did.  I felt horrible after I reached my 30's and DD was born via c/s at 37w.  You NEVER know when they'll come out.

    Plus you can organize for when DC gets here!! I'd say the earlier the better!!  

  • ehicksehicks member

    I am having mine in mid Nov (I am thinking the 14th) so that it is before Christmas and Thanksgiving rushes, and gives us time to set everything up, then figure out what else we need (and can get as christmas gifts or use the cash we get).


    I will be about 33 weeks when I hope to have it.


    My mom doesn't want to do it any earlier... because she thinks it's too early... and I think the timing will be good for everyone I'd like to invite.


    We plan to set up the room over Thanksgiving weekend, and more over Christmas break (we are both teachers) so having it the first or second weekend of Nov sounds good to me!


    So I think the timing is good as far as working around holidays, and really, I doubt it's too early. ?

  • you never know what may come so i think that early is okay Smile
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