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Weird bulge in belly

One part of my belly is consistently more bulged out (the upper right part) and I often feel something hard there.  Anyone else have this?  Anyone know what the hard part is?  I've heard the back is often the "hard" part, but I don't see how she could get into that shape.

Re: Weird bulge in belly

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    Probably a baby butt! 
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  • If it's always like that, I'm not sure.

    Mine frequently gets into funny positions where one side or the other is significantly more bulged out -- it gets so lopsided that other people notice.  It's pretty funny!

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  • My LO's butt does that all the time. I have a very lopsided belly b/c of it.
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  • I frequently have that to the right of my belly button.  He  much prefers that side, and I even have more stretch marks on that side because of it!
  • I have a consistent butt off to the L side of my belly button and a foot that protrudes near where your appendix would be (that also likes to kick at my round ligament and cause major crampage :( )  I pat his butt most of the time or just rub it.
  • mine is a baby butt, per the u/s!! Its in the upper right part of my tummy and sometimes he pushes it out and it looks like i have a massive tumor in one side of my times he does a whole azz flop to the other side and it hurts!!

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  • I constantly have a big butt protruding from under my left ribs :)
  • That's where my kid's butt is. The best is when he pushes his feet out the left with all of his might and then the butt goes way far out the right. It's his favorite trick.
  • I always have weird bulges going on! They started about a month ago and I love it because I get to "touch" the baby! DH doesn't like me to do it because he thinks I will damage them, lol. I just assumed it was a butt or a head based on where they are at my last u/s (which has always been both of their heads on my right side and laying transverse on top of eachother).
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  • Ditto, it's butt! :-)
  • Yep! My little boy sticks his butt up in the air as hard as he can. It's like a little alien sticking out! LOL!
  • For me, I've got the same thing but on the upper left side. ?My LO is breech, so it's her head. ?If your LO isn't breech though, it's more than likely the butt.
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