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MGH Rules - Maternity Ward

Hi - I have questions I thought some of you might be able to answer...

1. Do any of you know if MGH has any rules about who is allowed to visit mothers/babies in the hospital (age limits etc)? 

2. Do you know if husbands are given the options to be on a cot or something else to stay with you while you stay in the hospital?

3. What is the situation with getting a single vs. shared room at the hospital - and is the actual delivery room always just you (not shared)

Thanks ladies!

Re: MGH Rules - Maternity Ward

  • 1. When you are on the delivery ward you are only allowed 3 visitors at a time. If you have children coming in they have to be with an adult.

     2. The fathers are given something to sleep on, I forget if they said it was a cot or a reclining chair.

    3. All rooms are private. Except if you are on the post-partum ward and the labor floor is completely full, they will double up post-partum people so they can use the single rooms as labor rooms. But you would only have to share a room for 12 hours at the most! And if you have a shared room, you can not have your DH stay with you.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks, that does help.  Here's hoping for a private room!
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