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prepared childbirth classes at Cedars?

Anyone have any feedback on prepared childbirth classes at Cedars Sinai?  In particular, I'd love to have someone address the one day seminar...but any feedback is welcome, as my husband and I are trying to decide where to take a class.  We are delivering at Cedars.

Re: prepared childbirth classes at Cedars?

  • We start the 4 part course there in a few weeks, will keep you posted.
  • I did the 2 part course and we liked it. It was great to see what they do specifically at Cedars in terms of pain management  and logistics. They go over a lot of labor positions which I ended up not using since I got induced, but it was good to feel prepared.
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  • We are enrolled at Cedars to take the two part ?childbirth classes,?

    Infant care, and infant CPR! You can enroll at?

    Good luck! :)?

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