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Pregnant Ladies in the South Bay

I've heard of plenty of pregnant ladies in the areas north of the 8.  Are there any pregnant ladies on here in the south bay area?  I live in Bonita and feel like I'm the only young pregnant lady down here but I know that's not possible.

I'd love to make friends with people like me.

Re: Pregnant Ladies in the South Bay

  • I live in North Park now, but when I was pregnant and first had DS I lived in CV and joined the CV East Mommies group on They are a great group.
  • i wondered the same thing! I'm in Chula Vista!!!

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  • I am in Eastlake!! I just found out today I am expecting!
  • congratulations!!

    I joined the meetup group and already met for coffee last Friday.  They've made a meetup for expecting ladies for July 29th.  I'll probably go again this Friday.

  • I am! ?I live in Chula Vista and like you was wondering if everyone on here was from North County.?
  • I'm in the Southbay. wow you are close to popping soon. I'm not due until February but I look like I'm giving birth to a baby hippo. LOL I'm in Chula Vista but my Finace is in San Ysidro so I'm always driving around the 4 corners of southbay. We are always in Bonita , eastlake , & otay ranch because of his relatives being there. I'm a little on the older side I'm 32 & will turn 33 this October. If you need pregnancy company,  lets talk =)
  • Wow I just noticed your in chula & due in february too. Me too , on both counts. LOL =)
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