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moving ?

Hi everyone,
  We're moving to the Boston area in the fall (DH has a new job in Andover) and are looking for a place to live.  I'll be a SAHM with 2 infants (they'll be 3 mos. next week) and want to be somewhere where there are things I can do -- take them to the park, swim classes, etc.  We drove out there a couple of weeks ago and were looking at Somerville, Watertown, Arlington, Winchester, Woburn . . . I was told that parts of Southern NH are nice, and significantly cheaper (coming from the midwest, your cost of living is much higher than we're used to).  Any recommendations?  I'd especially like rec's for NH, since we didn't see as much of that when we were out there.

Thanks so much!

Re: moving ?

  • Hi

    I live in North Andover, next door to Andover. I would be more than willing to help you. NH is definitely cheaper!!!! PM with your email and we can talk. I will give you any and all info I have. I am expecting identical boys in august!!

  • Southern NH is definitely cheaper.. you could try posting on their board for advice about that. Not sure where your husband will be commuting to, but Nashua has some really nice areas that feel like a small town, but it is really a small city with a TON of things to do.
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  • I live in Watertown and love it!  I'm not a SAHM, but we have no trouble finding things to do with our DD on the weekends.  Real Estate prices are lower than some of our neighbors (Newton, Belmont, etc.), but the area is still quite nice.  We're just a short bus ride away from Cambridge or downtown Boston.  There are lots of parks, and we love walking the path by the Charles.  The Watertown public library also has events for children.  Let me know if you consider this area and have any questions!

    My DH grew up in the Manchester, NH area, which is about a half hour north of the NH/MA border.  COL up there is definitely lower than MA and there is much more open space in NH.

    Good luck with the move!

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