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Oh Just Humor Me People!

Since the DH won't, and I should know this after two preceeding pregnancies...

I like the following names (Wallace is my Dad's middle name and it's happening whether DH says so or not!):


Oh, and our last name is 1 syllable, and very common...brother's Bryson Walker and Sister's Carleigh Elizabeth.


Re: Oh Just Humor Me People!

  • I tried to put a tab in that said

    "All of these suck!"


    LOL! So ya know, just let me know in the comments if you feel that way!! HA HA! I'm at a loss for decent names after fighting over the first two kids names!

  • DS is Harper so I'm partial to that!
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  • I don't like any of them so I would have voted for "these all suck!" lol
  • I voted for Preston

    I love the name Harper but I've always associated it with a girl, guess it could be a boys name though.

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  • qtpa2tqtpa2t
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    I thought Preston and Bryson sounded too similar.

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  • SxiaSxia
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    Mitchell Wallace was one of my options since Mitchell is DH and my dad and grandpa are Wallace. We went with Maxwell Griffin -- our two fave first name choices.
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  • HA! Sxia! Griffin is on my list too! That's funny. I took this list to my DH and he didn't like Mitchell and was iffy on the other two, so I started looking for new ones and ran across Griffin! CUTE! Love Max, so cute!
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