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where can i try out slings/baby carriers?

I have a baby bjorn, which baby is too small for currently, and I purchased a sling that I don't care for. Before I invest additional $$ I'd like to try out a Moby type sling. Is there a local store that lets you try them out w/ baby?


Re: where can i try out slings/baby carriers?

  • Buy Buy Baby in Rockville has a rack on their sales floor with many of the carriers and you can try them on right there in the store. I don't recall whether they had the Moby but I know they had the Bjorn, Ergo, and a few other types.

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  • Unfortunately, I don't think they carry the Moby, but I'd call and ask to make sure.
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  • On the moby wrap website you can find out where they are sold and call ahead to see if they have a sample to try on. Most places have one available!  Some of the sellers are individuals, but you can tell who those are right away!  GL




  • I don't know anywhere you can try a Moby.  I would think your best bet would be to find a friend that has one.  The Moby is great - very comfy and versatile. The only thing I don't like is that it is a very long piece of fabric and I have a hard time tying it.
  • I posted this on another board about the moby.. might help you as well..

    It's REALLY easy to make your own moby wrap.. (and super cheap) if you just want to try before you buy.  You can always buy one with fancier fabric later.  Go to the fabric store and buy 5 yards of fabric -- Jersey knit  fabric is great because it won't fray so you don't have to sew a hem if you don't want to.  You want something that is a bit stretchy.  Once you have the fabric, cut it in half so you have 2, 5 yard lengths.  There ya go, 2 moby wraps!   Give one to a friend :)  If the fabric is not see through or white, I'm pretty sure it's sun proof.. whatever baby parts are sticking out, regardless of the wrap/sling/carrier are going to be subject to sun.

    I would also suggest looking in the clearance section at the fabric store first.. or looking for a coupon for Joann's or the fabric store.  My friends mom does this for all the girls when they have babies and it usually comes out to about $15 of fabric and you get 2 moby's out of it.   If you are handy with sewing you can finish the edges and put a patch or different piece of fabric on top at the middle panel.  We just put a safety pin in the middle so we can find it easily. 

     For what it's worth the snuggle wrap looks like it's made with jersey fabric.

     They are very comfortable and very easy to use.. My baby was a preemie and she didn't weigh enough to use a baby bjorn, plus I didn't like that her legs had to be seperated apart to use it and there wasn't a way to keep her warm.. She was much more used to balling herself up and she took to the moby right away.  Later, when she's bigger she can be worn the same way a baby bjorn is worn, and on the hip or back.. The baby bjorn also tops out when they get to 20 something pounds, but you can use a moby longer.

     Here is a link that talks about the different fabric types for baby carriers:




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