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K, I think I am ready to come back....

Now that my body is a bit back to normal I think I can return to all things baby related.  So.......anyone still around? Maybe we can bring things back to life here.

Re: K, I think I am ready to come back....

  • im here, just planning away on this nursery.

    p.s. i miss paigerssssss

  • Yay!  Make any headway other than the painting? 

    I miss Ms. Paige too....

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  • Guess we all decided to come back at the same time...lol.  How are my girls doing?
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  • Yippie skippy!  Eh, I have certainly been better but doing alright.  How are you and T and P doing?  It has been forever!
  • P is great, feisty and strong-willed as ever.  He will be starting daycare when he turns two, so getting nervous about that!  He has been with my mom since he was 8 weeks old, but I think it is time to give her a break and give him a chance to meet friends. 

    T is ok as well.  Still looking for a job, has been out of work for about a month. 

    All in all, I can't complain!  I miss you girl.  I have just been sooooo busy!

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  • Wow, daycare already!  Geeze he is getting to be such a little man.  He will have friends and girlfriends soon!  Ahhhh!
  • Those little hussies better keep away!  Haha.

    T took him to a friend's ballgame last week and he told me four little girls just swarmed around him.  He is quite the looker, what can I say?

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  • I don't doubt it one bit.
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