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Lia, Leah or Lea?

Which spelling do you prefer?
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Re: Lia, Leah or Lea?

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  • Leah. Lia just looks misspelled and Lea looks incomplete, imo.
  • Leah. Love this name!

     Lia looks misspelled and Lea looks like Lee.

  • I am generally NOT a fan of messing with spelling, but I think Lia is a modern and acceptable version of Leah. I like Lia best

    Lea is NO 

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  • LEAH!!! Love this name!

    Considered using Malia or Amelia and using LIA as a NN, but as a name on it's own prefer original spelling! 

  • Leah

    Although there is a girl interning at our company named Lia.  I believe she is Greek.

  • image LittleMamaB:
    Leah. Lia just looks misspelled and Lea looks incomplete, imo.

    I agree w/ all this.

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  • Lia
  • ksb717ksb717
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     fwiw, Lia is a greek name/spelling I believe

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  • Leah
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  • I prefer Leah. That's how it is spelled in the Bible, so to me, it is the most traditional spelling.
  • Ditto virtually everyone (almost)--Leah.
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  • Whatever looks best with your last name, I would think. :)

  • I like Leah the best,
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  • Leah is the most common spelling. The others will be misspelled often. This is one of my favorite names btw!
  • How are you pronouncing it? My middle name is Leah, pronounced Lay-uh. If you want it to be Lee-uh, I'd go with Lia or Lea, although a lot of people pronounce Leah and Lea like "Lee". I don't think Lia looks mispelled, and I've met two Lia's with that spelling.
  •  I actually like Lia the best, just because it leaves the pronunciation very very clear. So many people think Leah is pronounced LEE. I don't know why, since it's not a weird name, but I've heard this mispronunciation a lot for some reason.
  • Leah because it sucks to have your name misspelled your whole life, it happens to me all the time.. lol
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  • Lia or Leah. Lea is a different name all together. It rhymes with tea, pronounced Lee. If you use Lea, people will most likely always spell it incorrectly.
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