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down to two boy names!

My husband and I are to the point where we like two names equally. We would like to select one, but just  can't make the decision. So what are your opinions? Last name starts with a L.

Eli Parker

Max Alexander



Re: down to two boy names!

  • My H says Eli Parker, and I agree.  Too many x's in Max Alex.
  • I like Eli better!
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  • I like Eli Parker. Would it be short for Elijah or is it just Eli?
  • eli parker
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  • definitely Eli Parker!

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  • Max Alexander
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  • EXL311EXL311
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    Definitely Eli!
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  • Eli would be just Eli....not short for anything :)
  • I like them both but Eli Parker a little more!
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    Max Alexander


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  • Tough choice! Both are great names and sound perfect with the middle name - Sorry i'm no help...
  • ctanactana member
    Eli Parker.
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  • Eli Parker.  Very cute!

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  • I like Eli Parker

  • Eli Parker is so cute!
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  • I voted for Max, just because Eli L--- is a mouthfull, hard to roll the L's.
  • I love Max but I don't know if I like it with Alexander after.... like other people said too many X's.
  • Eli Parker. Max isn't my favorite (although it's fine) and I agree that there are too many x's when it's paired with Alexander. I love the name Eli.
  • I love Eli Parker!
  • Max Alexander. I don't like Eli Parker at all. I would prefer Eli if it was a nickname for Elijah. I don't like it as a stand alone name.
  • Eli Parker - it's something about the double x's in Max Alexander
  • I like Max Alexander better
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  • One thing you could do (it is what I did) we had two names we loved and kept it that way until our DD was born and named her based on what we thought fit her best. I would vote for Eli Parker though.
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  • EMTXEMTX member
    I like Max.

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  • I think Eli is hard to say with an L last name.
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  • Definitely Eli Parker. I'm not a huge fan of Max and paired with Alexander there are too many x's!
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  • image BBHME:
    I think Eli is hard to say with an L last name.

    Agreed, unless you use the full Elijah.  So, if you are using just Eli, my vote is for Max.

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