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What do you think..

My cousin's husband is named Isaac and we wanna name our little one that if its a boy. We just saw them for the first time in 4yrs again and they dont call him Isaac they call him Ike. I didnt even realize that Isaac was his name until I mentioned the name we liked for a boy. Do you think it would be wrong of me to name my little one that if it is a boy? I know my cousin has beef with my other cousin for naming her girl Mikka and she claims its to close to her daughters name Mckayla.. !! lol I dont see that but whatever.

Just looking for your thoughts on this would you go ahead with the name?

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Re: What do you think..

  • I think it's fine for you to name him Isaac. It's not like Ike owns the name!

    I wanted to name my daughter Ava since I was 16 but by the time DD rolled around my cousin had a 1 yo named Ava so we skipped it. But I don't think it would have been wrong to name Teagan "Ava."

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    I think it's fine. Especially since you'd chosen the name before you knew and it sounds like you don't see them that often.

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  • I would be flattered if someone named their child the my name but I would be irritated if someone named their child the same name as my child. I don't think she should be upset but it sounds like your cousin is a bit hyper sensitive.
  • Especially considering they aren't cousins you often see, I wouldn't hesitate using Isaac, which is a great name.
  • I'd still use it. I love the name Isaac.
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    I'd still use it. I love the name Isaac.

    This. Great name!?

  • I don't see the issue. I have people in my fam with the same name. It isn't like he owns that name. Plus, you obviously don't see them very often.
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  • Go for it. You haven't seen these people in 4 years. They obviously aren't an integral part of your lives and them being pissed at you won't really have any impact!
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  • I would absolutely still use it! It sounds like you rarely see the cousin/cousin's dh, plus he doesn't even go by Isaac. If you love it, use it!
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  • I would name him Isaac, especially since you never see them!
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