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just for the fun of it...

Hubby wouldn't even discuss names really until we found out the gender. Tech was 99.99% sure it's a girl (our third) so hubby said it was okay for me to pick a boy's name. If it turned out to be a boy he said he wouldn't care what we named it since he'd be thrilled.

What do you think of...

Wesley Tyler Wood

Tyler Wesley Wood

?? TIA! 

Re: just for the fun of it...

  • I like them both a lot.?
  • I like both, personally I'd choose Tyler Wesley.
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  • MrsCFBMrsCFB
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    i'm confused.  are those names for a boy or for a girl???

    actually, it doesn't matter.  i don't like those names.

  • I like Tyler better than Wesley, so I would personally use it as a first name.
  • erinmserinms
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    I like both Tyler and Wesley but with the last name Wood, I would go with Tyler. ?Wesley Wood sounds like a nursing home and saying it makes you sound like you have a speech impediment. ?So sorry, but that is what it reminds me of. ?BUT, Tyler Wood sounds awesome.

    Also, congrats on your *probably* third girl. ?What wonderful fun they will have together!?

  • Wesley Tyler sounds like a hot guy with big muscles.

    Tyler Wesley sounds like a little boy sucking his thumb.

    (Just in my crazy head, no idea what other people think about it) Lol! 

  • I like Wesley Tyler


    P.S. not a good idea to post your last name online.


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  • I'm partial to Wesley as a first name.  It's my dogs name.

  • I like them both but if I had to choose Tyler Wesley would be my pick.
  • a2ta2t member
    I think Tyler Wesley sounds better
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