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please educate me on formula

I have been exclusively pumping since DD was about a week old and my supply has been enough so far. However, she is starting to eat more and we are taking a vacation later this summer and since I can't really take freezer stash with me, I want to have a back-up plan. So- what formula do you use? Can you mix formula with breastmilk? if you have a simiar situation did DC have a hard time with addition of formula? Any help is much appreciated.


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Re: please educate me on formula

  • Mine always easily went back and forth between BM and formula when I was getting low.  I did mix at first to extend the amount of BM that I had, just remember that formula has a shorter amount of time you can leave it out at room temp.  We have always used the regular Similac Advance.
  • I use the Similac Organic.  I BF DS until I started weaning.  It was a little difficult to get him to take the bottle at first since he was 9 months old and hadn't had the bottle too often prior to that (he loved his/my boobies), but once we got a bit into it he is really in love with his bottle now.  I had a small freezer stash, but I didn't mix it with formula--I just went straight to the formula at the feedings I was substituting.
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  • I posted a similar question about a month and a half ago--it's all very confusing!!

    I use Enfamil Lipil, but I'm thinking of trying the generic version once I get thru the supply I have now. You can mix formular with breast milk, but the one time I did it, Warner spit up a lot more than usual, which is really saying something because he spits up a ton anyway. Also, I've read that you should be careful with this because if your LO doesn't finish the bottle within an hour, you have to throw it away and it would be ashame to waste that breastmilk! (This has never been a problem for us because Warner has never seen a bottle he can't finish!)

    And no, we didn't have any issue introducing the formula, so far Warner has proved that he will drink anything (and then spit it back upIck!).

  • We use the Costco brand.  Nutritionally, all formula on the market is the same.  By law, all formula has to meet government standards.  Some babies do better on some brands vs. others.  For example, DS was really gassy on Similac Advanced but less so on Enfamil. 
  • I exclusively pumped for 3 months and still didn't make enough breastmilk.  I would mix the BM that I could pump with the formula all the time or just give her straight formula.  DD did fine on both.  We used Sam's Club generic version of Enfamil.  It was a huge can for $20.  
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  • Just wanted to give you the suggestion that you will want to try formula for a few weeks before your trip, so you don't get stuck on your trip with a baby who may not take it or it makes the baby sick.  Experiment with it now so you know exactly what to do on your trip.

    We supplement one bottle a day with Similac. 

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