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Pregnant after a Loss


Seriously, at this rate, I don't think I'll have much hair left come January. :(

I had a piano lesson this morning with a boy whose mom always sits in with his newborn baby sister. I tossed my hair and about five hairs got stuck in my fingers, so I made a comment about how I'm a dog, shedding my hair for the summer. Then the mom chimes in, "Maybe you're pregnant!"


She was probably trying to scare me or something, not knowing a lot about me personally or my history. I have no idea what my face did for a minute before I could think of something to play it off (not telling everyone JUST yet) and asked if that's what happened to her, etc., etc. It'll be pretty funny when I do tell her I'm KU. I just really didn't think I'd be outing myself with that comment!


  • When I hit about 17 weeks my hair started falling out.  Especially when I brush or run my fingers through it.  It is very annoying.  I really think I might be bald by the time I deliver this baby.  I hear it is normal, but I don't like it! Super Angry
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