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Which are harder for you?

I could name a boy 10 times over. I really struggle with girls names, I don't know what we'll do if we have another girl, it took 38w to find one for DD & I still wasn't entirely sure the day we gave it to her!

Re: Which are harder for you?

  • I'm having a hard time with both but girls come alot quicker then boys.
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  • We have a girl named picked, and 3 boy names that we like.
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  • I am the opposite -- I had a million perfect girls names and am still really lost on boys names.. So of course we are having a boy!
  • I love so many boy and girl names so I think they are both easy. Dh on the other hand is very picky with boy names, but we like a lot of the same girl names. Let's hope it's a girl!
  • Girl names are harder.  The boy name was chosen fairly quickly, but with girls there were a ton of names I loved and it was hard to narrow down!
  • I struggle with boy names. I have my girl's name picked out.
  • Boys by a lot. I like flower and precious gems as names for girls... there's so MANY of those. Boys? They seem stuck with biblical names and that's pretty much it... unless you make up a name. :(
  • I have plenty of boy name that I love - however, DH and I had a *much* harder time agreeing on boy names.  Thankfully, we had two girls!   Girl names were pretty easy for us to agree upon.
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  • A boy's name was SO much easier for us to decide on, but this baby decided to be another girl!  We still don't have a name for our little girl, and I'm sure we will go to the hospital that way!  I've gone through the baby name book over and over, and we can only find about 3 names that we like but can't necessarily make a decision on.
  • When I was pregnant with DS, we had a boy's name instantly but could not come up with girl names.  This time, we had the girl's name instantly and could not come up with any boy names.  Luckily, we had a boy first and are pregnant with a girl.  Once you are pregnant or see the baby, I am sure a name will come to you and it will be perfect.
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  • I could and have come up with many different girls names that I love, but there's not one boys name yet that I could say the same about.
  • I found boy's names were tougher to pick. Just doesn't seem to be as many options.
  • Boy names are way harder to me. It feels like girls have more choices, since a lot of names are unisex and becoming more associated with girls.
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  • Names in general are hard for me. DH and I had exactly one girl name and one boy name that we liked. If we have another girl in the future we're going to be hard up for a name!
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  • I have 2 girl names I love. If DH vetoes them I am shitouttaluck.

    Boy names are really hard for me, but lately I have been coming up with more and more. 

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    Boys names are much, much harder for me. ?I could name 100 girls. ?Actually, getting DH to agree to my boys names is hard- I could use a lot of boys if his opinion didn't matter.
  • Picking a name for me this time was hard even before we found out we were having a girl. When I was pregnant with my son it was easy!
  • We have a boys name all picked out. But we can't deside on a girls name,  if one of us chooses a name the other one doesn't like it.



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  • DH and I agreed on girls names fairly easily.  I had DS's name picked out since I was a teen.  so, when we found out DS was a boy, it was a no brainer on what his name would be.  We have discussed boy names this pregnancy and just aren't agreeing.  We'll wait to find out the sex before more discussions take place.  Girls names are so easy for us....but we just don't have the same view on boy's names.
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