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Jillian Michaels Funny...

So I did the Level 1 workout for the first time today.  DH just got home from work and I told him how much it kicked my butt.  He's doing it now, and cursing her name, just like I did earlier - haha!  Is it sick that I am enjoying him having a hard time with it??  Hehe!!  Guess it makes me feel better about how hard it was for me.

Great workout though, I did enjoy it.  I'm not going to do it everyday though - just on days that I don't do my 3.75 mi. walk.

Re: Jillian Michaels Funny...

  • Is this a DVD, or the one for the Wii Fit? I saw the Wii one, and was curious about it...hmmm.

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  • I am borrowing the 30 DS from a friend, so I have the DVD.
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  • Ahh....gotcha!

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  • Go Marie!  I'd be the same way about YH!
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