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We had a beautiful girl name picked out, but no boy names.  We found out last week we are having a boy.  We are very excited, but this baby needs a name.  We are having such a hard time.  We don't like overly popular names, but we don't want anything too out there.  At the same time, we both lean towards ethnic names - problem is we have different ethnicities (Jewish and Italian).  Can you help get us started?  Here are some of our thoughts.  Please add yours and any other suggestions.

Ari - I have always loved this, and my husband does too.  He is just worried that his dad and brother won't like it (I mentioned it years ago and they wrinkled their noses) and that our son might get made fun of.

Ilan - husband vetoed although he does like it

Max - we both agree on this one, but I am scared that this is about to become uber popular.

Marco, Franco (rhymes with Bank-o), Neil, Isaac

Re: Boy Name Help

  • Ari is by far the best name that you have up there IMO, i really like it

    I am a big fan of Italian boys names. Some of my favorite: Luca, Luciano, Cristiano, Rocco 

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  • Isaac Max or Isaac Neil.

    That is assuming Isaac sounds good with your last name.

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  • Out of the names you have up there I'm going to have to say I really like Max, especially if you pick something longer and call him Max for short. I also like Isaac. Ari is NMS seems to feminine to me.
  • I really like Isaac. Isaac is not common, but he won't be made fun of either. Max is nice, but does seem to be popular.
  • We wanted an unpopular name but also not anything crazy so we picked Maximilian Anatoly. Most people call him by Maximilian, only a few call him Max.  Max is starting to get popular but it?s nowhere near as common as David or Mike.

  • Max is in our top 3.
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  • Given your heritage, I like Ari and Marco.
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  • I can see how it can be difficult. Are you and your husband of different faith backgrounds too? Traditional Italian names are typically Catholic names (like the names of Saints in the New Testament), while traditional Jewish names are often from the Hebrew Bible.

    Names from the Old Testament might be a good place to start because they would overlap and fit both cultures. Here are some names with Jewish heritage that I like:

    Benjamin (Ben), Ethan, Elijah (Eli), Abram, Isaac, Joseph, Joshua, Daniel, Samuel, David, Levi, Nathan, Caleb (Cal), Jacob

    What if you used the Italian version of one of those names or paired a traditional Italian name like Leo, Sergio, or Antonio with it? Like Benjamin Marco, Ethan Franco, Joseph Antonio, etc.

  • None of them are my style really, but Ari isn't bad...
  • I really like Marco or Isaac. The others are nms.
  • I love Ari.  My son is Judah - which is a good Jew-y name.  It is from the Hebrew Bible, so while it isn't Italian, it is the part of the bible that is shared.
  • ctanactana member
    I have to say, I really like Ari.
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